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    Robert Lunte

    Nasal Singing

    "skinny"... we would be more then happy to "analyze the shit out of it"... which means... put a lot of work and energy into giving you valuable feedback , when you have become a client of the "Review My Singing" service. We are not going to work for free..
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    The James LaBrie Approach To Singing

    You should give a listen to the Astonishing. Labrie sounds really good and acts out a bunch of different characters with his voice. Petrucci said that no one else besides James would be able to portray the characters like he did.
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    .. As always,, epic my friend!! I was not familiar with this song and I listened to the original after hearing your version and you sound like you can sing for the original band!! Bruce sounds a little darker and heavier set in the chorus. Is it a physiology function? I mean can someone with a lower center of voice exactly mimic the Bruce sound? But all in all, amazing work. Please keep posting more work!!
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    Awesome cover of an awesome modern Maiden song. Great job Felipe.
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    goto about 3:30 to start..