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    I'm surprised you can tell my tone by my text, haha! Seriously, man, I'm not copping an attitude. Sorry if it was taken that way. They were legitimate questions. And what I said about quick fixes was very legitimate too. As stated, cry vocal mode will help with going lower as well. I also posted one way of starting to get the feeling for it. Thank you for pointing out how my post was taken though. It wasn't my intention.
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    @sjs94704: I fail to see how offering you exactly how I expanded my range as a baritone, including the exact exercise written out in my post, is soliciting a training program; especially when I wrote it out after I said "if you don't have [said training program]..." The program mentioned that helped me also happens to be the program that this website was built around, created by the owner of this forum. The Cry Vocal Mode I mentioned (and explained) will also smooth out your lower range. If you're not willing to work and train to extend your range or smooth out your lower range like you asked, or use the advice given you by experienced professionals, then why are you here? There is no magic pill. There is no quick fix. There is no quick tip that will turn you into a magical singing unicorn. But there are ways to train your voice and get the results you're asking for, exactly the results you're asking for.
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    Right, you're not here to get solicited to buy a singers training program, but think about it; you can be in here getting help for free because you've been granted free access. Think about that As for the song, if you're suggesting that you move those highlighted parts down but keep everything else the same, I wouldn't do that. You risk messing with the feel of the song that way. So, I'd go with what I said.
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    Huh? I invite you to check out my online course for $20. It will give you a 100 ways you can improve your singing and new ideas you can try. Click This Link: http://bit.ly/TVSLiteCourse30 BTW... Looking for free tips on YouTube and this forum are not going to do much for you, you have to train. The day you think your done,.... your done. Like for good. The art, craft and work involved in being a good singer is never "done". There will always be more to learn, more growth to realize, more challenges, more leaps forward in your abilities. Welcome to our forum. Thx Geoff...
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    You can't expect to be done in 3 months. If it was that easy, everybody would do it.This is a marathon, not a sprint.