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    Robert Lunte

    Interest in vocal forum

    Exactly. Quite literally, after repeated warnings, they started throwing fits like children. So we booted them and it was a wondrous pleasure to do so. They went on to try to launch their own forums and they flopped. Nobody gave a shit ... The challenge with post activity is more about a lack of interest in debate, science and being academic about singing. Forums like this are competing with FB Groups and Instagram... ... but, if you guys want to revive, I'm all for it. Maybe there is a chance. It will have to be mostly managed by someone else. @Felipe Carvalho.
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    Felipe Carvalho

    Eddie Vedder Technique

    I think there is some kind of fixation about "technique" as if it was something valuable on its own. Technique concerns only the singer, technique alone does not create musical content, and a singer that does not have good technique can be excelent provided that he/she sticks to what is possible. Possibilities vary depending on the person. In my opinion Vedder is badass as it goes. Not technical, just rock n roll. Singing Pearl Jam songs without training is not such a miraculous feat. Making a band like Pearl Jam and all these great songs, now thats something else.