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    Constructive criticism

    I did not start to feel this until I posted a song here and was told I was not supporting and I was singing in the nose(at the time I was sure I was doing everything according to people like Trimble and Tennelli, Miller, Lehman....). I thought I would be a jerk and record with the worse possible technique I could think of. Too much air and the sound being held back enough to close off the throat completely. I really had to push to get the sound out. The coordination was a combination of an old man wheezing and Bullwinkle Moose from the cartoon of the 60's. The wheezing sound comes from allowing the false folds to be engaged so you hear the sound of the air flowing. The bullwinkle moose sound is a raised larynx with a flat tongue that touches the roof of the mouth and the sound seems to travel up the back of the pharynx. I posted the song with this voice and then was told I sounded better than ever and had found my singing voice. Whatever I was doing keep it up. A curious thing did happen though, I felt the lean of the larynx on the breath and a vocal cord compression (resistance to the breath) that I had not heard or felt before in my voice. Also a natural vibrato occurred that I could control. I ended up keeping the "Lean and Compression" and discarded the false fold engagement when I sing. Sometimes I need to add the false fold to find the compression again.