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  1. I found the best solution on my own... although the pros have no need for this some of you may find this mildly entertaining and others will find it insanely useful The magic happens for me at 4:55 and 7:30 and it truly highlights the benefit of an in-person vocal coach and the beauty of technique being applied correctly. In my opinion the clip is not staged but your opinions may differ, the whole clip is worth watching.
  2. @MusicalAsian No one is saying the program alone is "bad" because it can help you at first but eventually you plateau. When that happens you'll realize that having someone chasing after all your bad mistakes can help you a lot. Without that extra set of ears on you - you might re-inforce some bad habits. Although lessons might be from $30-$100 dollars depending on who you choose to learn from; even half an hour with an extremely good coach can be MORE beneficial for you. There are tons of programs that allow you to record your lesson with video or audio -> if none of that is possible literally just take notes The BEST coaches that I've seen will come up with a mini-program just for you instead of a broad general program that "supposedly" works for anybody. Don't listen to the SLS vs KTVA vs TVS crap email or skype the teachers directly and find out who can help you the most. Here is a clip of Ariana Grande's vocal coach lol.. it's nothing magical but just want to show you that if even a superstar of this level has to work. There's videos of Ariana doing "wooo-wooo" somewhere as well! Classic Ariana and "tailored" exercises
  3. At your age and level I would recommend a male teacher than can sing exactly what you want to sing. There are a handful on this forum Take my advice for the TYPE of stuff you want to sing finding a solid coach is 10x more important than a program because most of these programs have no WORKFLOW and even then are not specific enough to be tailed to your voice. Is Singing Success tailored towards guys who just came out or are going through puberty? Probably not. If you're looking for solid all around training many of us would recommend TVS the newest version. Ultimately it's your choice because not everyone has the time or money for vocal lessons but for what you want to accomplish there are male teachers here that CAN sing those songs even the whistle voice parts!!! Good luck, I understand where you're coming from. Save yourself the months/years of experimenting and find a teacher who CAN sing and communicate their feelings clearly. Ask yourself how many singers that have JUST the program can belt past C5 and if you know a lot of them - ask them what programs they use. Search the forums and teacher's videos for a solid living resource of information.
  4. His range is estimated at G2 - G5 in modern day pop singing I would not consider him to have a "big voice" in more specific terms we could argue he has a large "FULL VOICE" - one without switches or breaks. To address the haters - you're forgetting the genre is GOSPEL... put your favorite rock singer and let him sing the same "praise the lord" type songs as Johnny Cook - bring a fire hose and a paramedic because the gloomier sounding rock singer would likely crash and burn. However... not to take away from this man's greatness but the video of him singing when he is older is MUCH different to my ears than his younger singing. Is this something that can be prevented with the correct training? Older Johnny Cook singing at 2:08. Thoughts?
  5. Yep, dig it. Gospel singers strike again. I doubt he ever read the CVT book or any technical book on singing... however the vowels are clearly directed toward CVT curbing vowels.
  6. I would say that in terms of the answer you seek we can use Usain Bolt (sprinter) as an example. If you ask him if he was fast before training with his world-class coach he would say "yes, I was always fast" but if you ask him if he improved tons under his coach... he would say yes "I improved tons with a coach." Even if you are naturally inclined to be a good singer or not a gifted coach can make you better. Celine Dion is a good example, I think she was always good but still puts in the work with her coach till this day.
  7. Was not expecting this response lol! It depends on the alcohol a lot of them are "drying" some you will not even notice.
  8. Hello everyone, my speaking voice is kind of low energy, quiet, and moderately monotone - sometimes nasally. Ofcourse, many of us don't just talk and bust out into singing like a Glee episode that is a skill some of us may wish to hone. Been having some good luck with the "pencil" method trying to read something and then removing the pencil having my voice "re-placed" or whatever making it significantly EASIER to produce. Do you guys keep your speaking voices in check as part of a warm-up or a specific routine? Can someone share their experience with adjusting speaking voice to be more energetic, loud, or clear. Is there ANY benefit to this? Although to advance the question even further, would you all not agree that good speaking has tons of inflections, change in loudness, even dynamic change of tone color and larynx position? How do I manage this in an interesting way in order to ensure I can talk for very long without "wearing out" or struggling to speak louder for long periods and equally importantly transition into SINGING easier. This also seems like a support issue because it feels like speaking/singing have very different support values. What exercises vocally are good and does reading materials out-loud help the process? Does anyone here use tongue twisters - JayMC
  9. Does everyone have the new pillars? If are there any improvements to what is its specific approach to support, a breathy voice, and also the "AH" vowel at bridges what has improved? None of the other vocal techniques update as frequently as Pillar which imo is very cool but PERSONAL reviews are the best reviews I have CVT the newest one which I believe is 2008 and it has NO workflow... you simply have to pick and diagnose YOURSELF. The last pillars I have 2.0 had full basic routine which imo beats out most of the programs. I have heard some things about KTVA (good reviews) but have not tried it. Pillars has the most dynamic content (not just books, audio, and video AND an active forum) as far I know but someone who has purchased the newer products would have to let me know ALSO this is just a very personal thing, I think that the HARDCOPY version is almost always better for serious voice literature.
  10. @Rob 3:20 - 3:27 those AH (maybe UH) vowels... hooooly. To me that sounds like an INTENTIONAL break... lots of control and edgy screams. Same thing but live version (which I always like better... my fav part starts at 3:50) Just a side note the vowel to me sounds like a mix of AH/UH... I like the live version a lot Thanks for sharing.
  11. The pencil thing is gold man, thanks for sharing.
  12. @Jens, I'm sorry for the loaft man - just so busy with university right now, summer courses are super-compressed. Case story: I was practicing some low rap song (kind of singing it) around E2 area -> if I sing too much in this range it becomes very taxing and I can feel all sorts of tension come around. But I stuck to it, made sure was very focused on expression the words in the song. Also mixed in some "vvv" or "zzz" to remind myself its easy! Then after like 20 minutes of some good solid singing in the lower range.... I tried some "woop" woop and guess what... i sang a G5 in falsetto (never could get that high)... it didn't hurt or anything . I kind of applied the feeling of low range The point of this thread is to ask how critical low range is... but like Jens said especially if you do not have affinity for natural high range -> this is even MORE critical. I'm starting to believe this is 100% true. I literally could feel a connection between singing that rap song EASILY and hitting that G5 easily.
  13. Dude you're just getting better and better at explaining stuff!! +rep
  14. In my opinion, generally people don't work their low range with the level of effort and focus of that of the high range. Therefore if your lowest notes are actually E2 or something eventually with focus you can eventually go lower. It's still worth working in my opinion :)