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  1. Robert Lunte

    Let her go (Passenger) Cover

    You can go immediately to the quack and release onset and start working your vocal folds.
  2. Robert Lunte

    What's Important About Singing to you?

    Doing it well, with good technique; vowels, rhythm, range, color, dynamics, etc... Making productions, microphones and helping students.
  3. Robert Lunte

    Best vocal course

    Well,... thanks guys for sharing your thoughts on this. Lyssie, I'm happy to help you and to take a personal email if you have questions. I invite you to also read some of these reviews: Reviews of 4 Pillars It is awkward to pitch my own product, but I will say, what these guys are saying about the program being the most comprehensive and full of the most information, is a true statement. That isn't an opinion, that is just an objective fact. As for whether all that content and effort is right for you, perhaps one of these testimonials will inspire you. Ken and Brett are real voice coaches, but I do not recommend Superior Singing. It is a known sham in the industry. The guy in the videos is a paid actor. It isn't actually a real voice training course and he isn't a real voice coach. It is all a put-on. One last thing, my course also offers a 616 page, full color book which goes with the 180 video online course. Ken and Brett haven't written any books. Kind regards... Godspeed on your vocal journey.
  4. Robert Lunte

    Let her go (Passenger) Cover

    Cool video Umesh. Your a decent singer... you have potential. But... you need to develop some vocal twang and compression on your vocal folds/chords... the sound is too windy. You can fix that with the "quack & release" onset inside this course I created. If you do this technique, your singing will start to sound like a real vocal tone and not so windy. Train the Quack & Release Onset to remove wind and get a real full tone Coach Robert
  5. Robert Lunte

    Rate my voice from 1-10

    Please embed the video into the post. Thx.
  6. Robert Lunte

    Jeff Buckley So Real Cover at Open Mic Night

    Pretty decent Jeff Buckley impression, but only in terms of his sound colors, not the execution of the song. You have a lot of his sound colors. Sounds like you have been singing a lot of Jeff Buckley, trying to match his voice. Congrats, you can match Jeff Buckley's vocal sound colors. Now, get more serious. Start working on singing in pitch and on time. The musicianship on this video is lacking in pitch and time. Working with some scales and studying will get you there. Also, stop cupping the mic, it creates feedback and messes up the calibration on the mic. Your doing that cupping position probably because your nervous, don't. You have potential and could be a good singer, but only if you train. This sounded like sloppy karaoke stuff, but it wouldn't have to be if you got serious and practiced. $20 Vocal training course. Good luck to you.
  7. Robert Lunte

    JZ Microphones’ HH1. Did we really need another dynamic mic?

    I have one and I LOVE it... its great. Contact me to get more details.
  8. Robert Lunte

    How Karaoke Is Going to Improve Your Singing

    What happened to the video?
  9. Robert Lunte

    Problems with Head Voice and Range

    Brice, Are you training? Are you taking lessons? Are you doing anything to build your strength and motor skills for singing? This will help you, start here: Here is my course for $20.
  10. Robert Lunte

    Novice here, Please review

    You have a nice voice... with potential. But you need to train and practice. You have to build the motor skills for singing. Here is a course for $20 that will help you get there. The best course for singing read the reviews! $20
  11. Nice work, beautiful voice. Your a good singer! Here is some feedback... watch that vibrato! Your vibrato sometimes oscillates too much. Its too wobbly. This is a very common issue with a lot of singers, so don't feel funny about it. Sort of a normal thing we all work on sooner or later. For a singer with your capabilities, it is easy to fix. Just try singing your songs with a straight tone for a while until you can reduce that vibrato. I am not advocating that you stop vibrato. NO!.. I am saying that it is too much, too strong... it needs to be more subtle. Know that this has little to do with the physiology of your voice or physical training issues. It is about 90% to do with the "noise" in your head. It is a mental, visualization and awareness issue. You are unaware of it. If you start listening FOR IT, you will begin to STOP DOING IT. You have to first be aware and then start listening to make the change. It will be difficult at first because the vibrato habit is very hard to fix, but the more you do it, the more your aware, the faster it will chill out and go away. Hope this helps. TVS Voice Training Course for $20!
  12. Robert Lunte

    What can I improve on? How do I sound?

    This is ok, You see to have a nice voice, more importantly, you have potential. The best advice I can give you is to train your voice. Get in touch with a training program that will show you routines you can practice to get stronger. What you are doing in this recording is super easy and not very challenging. To sing the hard stuff, you'll need to train. Become a Great Singer: Your Complete Vocal Training System
  13. Robert Lunte

    can you tell me what you think please?

    Alexis, this voice sounds mature to be a 17 year old. Possibly too mature. In any case, the glissando octave sweeps are landing a bit flat. But again, I question that this is actually a 17 year old, that doesn't sound like a 17 year old voice. Nice to have you. Coach Robert.