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  1. Robert Lunte

    can you tell me what you think please?

    Alexis, this voice sounds mature to be a 17 year old. Possibly too mature. In any case, the glissando octave sweeps are landing a bit flat. But again, I question that this is actually a 17 year old, that doesn't sound like a 17 year old voice. Nice to have you. Coach Robert.
  2. Robert Lunte

    Rate my singing please?

    Open your eyes dear... sing into your room. Listen to yourself in the room. Stop singing "inside" to yourself. There is a lot more I would recommend, but if you would like more input, please pay for the $20 review service, The advise I gave you is a good start. Welcome to our forum.
  3. Robert Lunte

    First time singing

    See the top menu and purchase a guaranteed review. Can't do free consultations. Maybe someone else can. Great to have you here. Kind Regards,
  4. Robert Lunte

    Jeff Buckley So Real Cover at Open Mic Night

    It is. If you want amateur feedback, you can get that for free. If you want a professional who knows what he is talking about, its $20.
  5. Robert Lunte

    Jeff Buckley So Real Cover at Open Mic Night

    Thanks for your response and review. I am the owner of this forum. I am also exceedingly busy. To give a real review, which you did not provide, it takes time and expertise. I am not making a half-assed post with an amateur opinion. I want to actually help people get REAL results and give them feedback they can use for REAL results. That takes time. $20 is more then fair if you care about your singing.
  6. Robert Lunte

    Pytasz Mnie (O Polskę)

    Nice voice. I think it sounds good. If you would like a more detailed review, we offer a $20 review service.
  7. Robert Lunte

    Jeff Buckley So Real Cover at Open Mic Night

    Reviews are not free. It is $20.
  8. Robert Lunte

    Physical & Acoustic Vocal Mode Amp & Stomp Toys

    Just like the vowels can be heard simultaneously, so can the physical modes, as a general rule. For example, you can be twanging and in cry mode at the same time.
  9. I am glad you saw this... Like I said in the video. The MAIN reason some voice coaches do this , is simply because: 1. They don't have a clue how to teach you what you want to learn, and that typically is the hard stuff, such as bridging the vocal break and singing in the head voice register with a full voice. It is SUPER hard to figure out how to do it and to teach it and most coaches can't do either one. So instead of admitting to you and themselves that they can't help you with the #1 thing you really want, need and desire... , which they can't do because they are trying to make a living as a "voice coach", they displace their limitations onto the students. It protects them from exposure and from having to face their own lack of abilities. I imagine that it usually subconscious behavior, it isn't something they are completely aware of. Because the simple fact is... if you are a teacher that can teach these skills, you would do it. You would demonstrate it. You would advertise it. You would ensure your student that you can do it. If you use logic, the conclusion as to why they would say this is obvious. 2. Less likely, but I do think happens sometimes.... They are envious. Envious of your youth, your ambition, your opportunities in the music world that they passed by and if your actually good and have talent... envious of that too. Run like hell if you hear this...
  10. Great response Felipe. The problem with this question is that it feels like a question that would or should never be asked in the first place. You need BOTH. You need to train techniques.. techniques that hasten the strengthening and motor skills process. Emotion on the other hand sort comes naturally. I suppose you can practice feeling emotion and interpretation, but ultimately in the end, you just will be natural in this regard. Train and pay attention to both at the same time. It really isn't something you do "first" and then something you do "second". Just do both.
  11. Robert Lunte

    The Britain's Got Talent Contract

    Interesting post! How you guys doing? I'm doing great, just been heads down on events and other things... came in here and did a singing review the other day. TVS Studios - RØDE Microphones Sponsor. Vocal Athlete Intensive Boot Camp. TVS Studios - Extreme Isolation Headphones Sponsor. Vocal Athlete Intensive Boot Camp. NIMES, France - TVS Training Vocal Athletes Tour. Pescara, Italy - TVS Training Vocal Athletes Tour. Ansbach, Germany - TVS Training Vocal Athletes Tour. Do you guys have any information on The Voice contracts?.. I have a new student that is preparing for the auditions.
  12. Robert Lunte

    Review My Singing - RnB

    Hey Bayloydi, Sorry for the delay. I have been consumed with the Vocal Athlete Intensive here in Seattle. Thanks for your patience. Great that you are videoing your singing.. you get more information and learn more that way. Don't put your hands in your pocket, it is bad form. you need your hands to express yourself and give you physical balance. It also looks super amateur when you do that. Do you want people to think your bored when your singing, or that your into it? Get your hands out of your pockets! I like the way you maintain the resonance on your "with you"s... you maintain the compression through that phrase and that could be a part of the song that would give a lot of people problems, but you intuitively knew to maintain that narrowed position and keep resonating. VERY GOOD! Your rhythm and feel for groove is great. Your intonation is pretty darn good as well. A few spots are a hair flat, but overall.. really good. I don't have a lot of critique feedback for this other then pointing out what I liked. I think your a great singer and this performance was very well done. VERY WELL DONE BAY! Are you from the Philippines ( just a hunch )? Where are you located? Do you have a voice coach? What is your story?
  13. Robert Lunte

    Building Mixed Voice/Preventing Yelling

    Noah, welcome. Are you willing to train and practice? If you are, then you can purchase a "light" version of my popular training program here. If you are not interested in training and practicing to become stronger and more coordinated as a singer, then there is nothing more we can do for you. Simply filling out a response on this forum post is a waste of time if your not going to do anything with it. So let's first establish that your serious and will do something with it.