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  1. ... a little bit of that went on as well. But again, it hasn't been my loss, or the people that still come here to read the posts. It is really their loss because they are not getting the exposure they once were. Doesn't hurt me at all ... If the site had a talented, hard working community manager to start making posts, it would likely flare up again.
  2. Exactly. Quite literally, after repeated warnings, they started throwing fits like children. So we booted them and it was a wondrous pleasure to do so. They went on to try to launch their own forums and they flopped. Nobody gave a shit ... The challenge with post activity is more about a lack of interest in debate, science and being academic about singing. Forums like this are competing with FB Groups and Instagram... ... but, if you guys want to revive, I'm all for it. Maybe there is a chance. It will have to be mostly managed by someone else. @Felipe Carvalho.
  3. Is this you? @MDEW I am touched that you want to kick this up again. I am totally fine with that! Would be super cool, but I can't do it alone.
  4. Precisely @MDEW and thank you. For the first few years the company did not enforce the guidelines and was very casual about calling people out on very rare occasions when they acted disrespectful to the company. The first few years I was "Mr. Don't Worry About It Guy"... Then along came a small handful of childish brats who had a different idea about what respect, lacking maturity, that were not just making mistakes, but where outright gunning after me. Because of that, I kicked their asses out of here. It was the right thing to do and they had it com'n. If that means the forum slows down and simply exists as a place for new people to read amazing legacy content and train on the quick access training page, then that is perfectly fine with me. The site still drives 19,000 hits a month to the company website, logs over 60 new registrations a month and now offers a cool subscriptions service that is popular and selling. ... Picture below is of singers from Germany, Italy, France and the United States that are members of this forum.
  5. ... Added some banners at the top of the Forum and the Quick Access Training Page that should help... @Felipe Carvalho.
  6. I think so... There was a lot of mutual respect in here. That wasn't really a big problem and when it became a problem, it was handled. Let's be clear on one point, treating the company and people that provide the website and services disrespectfully and outright posting passive slander and defamation posts designed to hurt the company and individuals in the company, isn't going to be allowed. Some of the people who left, were people who stopped from doing that after given warnings. For all practical purposes, they left in a "huff" because they couldn't freely make negative posts attacking the company that provides this service. ... Which says a lot about their motive, lack of character and what was most important to them.
  7. Thank you for your honest feedback Felipe. I respect that. I will also give you the same courtesy. There is a perspective I would like you to appreciate. The company has paid over $10,000 in the last 10 years to provide a service for you and the community. It is the monthly hosting fee x 12 mths + development costs est. x over 10 years = approx. $10,000... that doesn't account for all the man hours the company put into this forum to keep it going, adding posts, moderating, etc... Counting man hours, I'd say at least $15,000 in 10 years. This forum gave a lot of people free exposure and education, and still does actually. This forum helped tell the world who many talented members were. The traffic has been approximately 2, 280, 000 hits (and it continues), from people all over the world that have had the chance to learn more about Felipe Carvalho and other coaches on this forum. This service has been generously funded by, The Vocalist Studio. Felipe was also made a moderator which adds additional privileges. The company also offered every coach a chance to sell their programs and voice lessons on this platform,... Only Kevin Richards, Judy Rodman and myself took advantage of that. The company tried about 4 or 5 different ideas that gave everyone a chance to do a little business here. Nobody took advantage of it. No foul, that is fine. But it is a fact, that many teachers have been given a lot of opportunity on this forum from the company. MY POINT?.... IDK... Uhm.... How about, "thanks Rob"... ? ... The traffic slowed down mostly because of Facebook Groups. The Vocalist Studio Facebook Group is on-boarding about 120 new people a week. We are having a lot of fun there and it is very productive. Anyone reading this is welcome to join the TVS FB Group if you like. We would love to see you be involved there as well if you like. You are all invited to do so, it too, is an open community. Regarding the Quick Start Training Page. Please understand,... this is not just a forum. It is a business platform for the company. We are voice coaches that have services to offer singers. That is what we do for a living. We have over 100,000 happy students around the world in 175 countries that are singing better and probably another million that have been reading these articles and posts for free for the last 10 years that have also benefitted. 5 Online courses and over 50 certified instructors. There are numerous microphone companies who publish their blogs here as well. Why don't you like the new QSTP? That wasn't clear to me.... Is it the user interface? All you have to do is click at the top left corner to get to the forum. See attachment. You just have to click on the big red link in the top left corner. NBD. I think the Quick Access Training Page is COOL!!! It says to everyone that comes here, "... this is a place for training, and we as a community are offering you a simple and super affordable tool so you can start training right now... " What is wrong with that? 83 people are already using it. Thank you Felipe for sharing your perspective and I mean that sincerely. I would love to have this forum kick up again... I don't have all the answers. Just some ideas...
  8. Just spoke with Adolph on the phone, he needs our support when possible. MDEW, thank you SO MUCH for being here at the forum. Remember when this forum was HOT!! We should be VERY proud of what we achieved when it was really ripping. It is not my belief, but it is a fact, that some of the world's best discussions on vocal training are found in the posts on this forum. Hidden gems that people are not aware of. Discussions like this do not happen anywhere else that I am aware of. It truly was amazing for about 6 years.