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  1. I appreciate you following through Draven. If the student isn't training, doing something to develop their motor skills, getting stronger physically and tuning the ears, then += Ethen, I want to help you... but, can you tell me that your training, taking lessons or anything like that? Coach
  2. This is how... you need to train a program that will get you results. Coach Robert
  3. Robert Lunte

    Working on a song

    Cool tune. I'm curious have you been listening to The Verve and Richard Ashcroft? Your singing and voice reminds me a lot of Richard Ashcroft. You should listen to some the old stuff from "The Verve" his band before he went solo... super cool music. Your track seems to have a lot of tuning on the vocal tracks... why? Your voice doesn't sound like it needs much. My program is only $20. Check it out. Coach