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  1. Pretty simple. Compressed Overlay Distortion. Squeeze like hell in the head voice until you create so much noise in the upper vocal tract that you have distortion. Effective, but hella fatiguing and if you are not doing other things properly in your technique, it can destroy your voice. This performance is awful. It is the head voice he used to use, without the compressed overlay, resulting in essentially, falsetto. Why he can't squeeze the hell out of it like he used to back in the day at least for one night, IDK. Training for this technique is found HERE:
  2. You can also purchase courses first if that fits your budget. https://bit.ly/BeltingInTheHeadVoice2 Myself & My Students Singing the same techniques https://www.thevocaliststudio.com/robert-lunte-singing-performances
  3. Coach Robert, are u still doing youtube videos?  I haven't seen anything new in awhile.  I always enjoy them and find them helpful.

    I can't afford the course at the moment so I always look forward to the youtube teachings.

    1. Robert Lunte

      Robert Lunte

      Thank you. I will do more in the future, however I have backed off for a while. I am rebuilding TVS into a marketplace of TVS courses from many coaches and a new membership service.

      I am also building this new business, www.coursecreek.com.

      You said you enjoy my YouTube videos because you can't afford to purchase my courses. Exactly my point... I need to make a living. YouTube does not make money. It feels like a drain of time and energy. I just can't make it a priority.

      Btw, I have a huge TVS course available here for $9 to $20... great deal.





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