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  1. It is possible to hear the sound color of the molars in your singing, if the embouchure is horizontal = oral cavity is more closed. Subtly.
  2. Bring it old friend... The teeth do influence the vocal sound. The teeth are reflective and add reflective frequencies to the sound color chemistry. Singers can hear the change in frequency (color) as you move your mouth in a more horizontal position and bring the molars closer together. The end result is, the voice has more “bite” in the sound color, But it is subtle. It isn’t a big influencer. Great for belting and rock genres. I have even felt my teeth vibrate a couple times when I was really playing with it, although this was a rare occurrence. hope this helps.
  3. Cool, did you pull that from Karaoke Version? I have a new DT, "The Spirit Carries On" I'll be publishing soon as well as "The Wreck of the Edmunds Fitzgerald" by Gordan Lightfoot and "Wildfire" by Martin Murphy. I live in the mountains, I'm around a lot of horses and nature.
  4. I absolutely LOVE this song too. Nice job Felipe, super COOL. How did you get the bed track? Whats your signal chain?
  5. Pretty simple. Compressed Overlay Distortion. Squeeze like hell in the head voice until you create so much noise in the upper vocal tract that you have distortion. Effective, but hella fatiguing and if you are not doing other things properly in your technique, it can destroy your voice. This performance is awful. It is the head voice he used to use, without the compressed overlay, resulting in essentially, falsetto. Why he can't squeeze the hell out of it like he used to back in the day at least for one night, IDK. Training for this technique is found HERE:
  6. You can also purchase courses first if that fits your budget. https://bit.ly/BeltingInTheHeadVoice2 Myself & My Students Singing the same techniques https://www.thevocaliststudio.com/robert-lunte-singing-performances
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