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  1. Man I would be very careful throwing out generalizations like that. There are as many factors to vocal changes as there are singers.
  2. I always find brightening and darkening your voice super easy. I don't view it from a technique angle at all, to me it's purely intention. Maybe that comes from years as a cover band singer and having to go from sounding like Bon Jovi to Muddy Waters to Paul Rodgers. I would not complicate things, see in your minds ear your voice and how you want it to sound and move that way. Another thing you can do is swing the pendulum to far the other way for a period of time and sing super dark, almost dumb sounding like some of that old Riggs stuff, the mum mum mum, goog goog goog, nu nu nu... etc...
  3. Ok guys, I am finally on a roll now. The second video is up and I've also uploaded full warmup tracks for all registers, Baritone, Tenor, Alto and Soprano. Videos will be coming every week now, subscribe and like and hit me up if you have any questions: Workout tracks: https://we.tl/Fc2t6xaaFi
  4. Thanks Rufus. I think it's gonna be a fun year of this. Worked on some lighting last night and installing an updated Final Cut Pro X on my new MacBook Pro. Gonna take some time and get better at editing.
  5. Cool, Robert I'll watch them tonight. Here's Vocal Tip #1, Basic Warmups Pt1 P.S. I'll get the lighting thing together! lol
  6. Ok boys and girls I just shot the first video, pretty fun actually. I'll get the lighting down but the content is there. I'm processing it now and will upload later today and post. Enjoy!
  7. That's the goal. Hell students surpass their teachers all the time. Just go out there and make some music and have fun.
  8. This pic just popped up on fb feed and I thought about this thread. This picture of Lzzy I see the internal fire that fuels a real rock crusher. Just an opinion intertwined with an observation.
  9. For me the screamin rasp is way more then just technique. It's an internal thing, it's a statement. I could be wrong, wouldn't be the first time but I think it's easier to improve your singing then it is to sound like Brian Johnson if you sing like Steve Perry.
  10. The key is practice and don't be afraid. I can sing the EE vowel to the top of my range effortlessly. It takes relaxed compression and have fun with it. A prevailing theme I see around here is that everything is daunting. Things are as hard as you make them man. Sometimes a little old school 'belter's bite' may help. If you wanna know what it is hit me up.
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