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  1. Bob, thought you knew about Jay? I know we've discussed him in the past, but was probably several years ago..ha. Yes…he's an absolute beast and like most great singers, can sing soft and sweet also. But man….he is the EPITOME of singing on the line as Killer put it, where he is basically red lining his voice and you almost don't know if he's gonna make it or not…right up my alley Check out his sweet sensitive side here:
  2. This is rock n roll belting as I know it...almost 2 straight hours of belting/high intensity singing. Here's Jay Buchanan of Rival Sons…he's been on the road for about 5 years straight, so his voice is pretty shot. Doesn't seem to slow him down too much.You can pick any song from the song index as they're all in the same range/intensity more or less..
  3. xamedhi, it's all relative. If you know what you're doing, a sound is just a sound. No good/bad positive/negative connotations..but if you're developing upper range with "power" I'd say get rid of this coordination. Either learn how to sing with power and clarity, or learn how to sing with power and distortion(both false fold/ true fold-creaking.) what you're doing here sounds like recipe for disaster...but as usual on the internet, I have no idea what true intention is.
  4. Great discussion(even if op has vanished)…been a while since I've been on the forums, but always dig Killer's passion. I can definitely relate. And of course, Martin is spot on here. All I can say is it's a grind and a balance between efficiency and energy. If your technique is on point, you'd be amazed at what you can do. As an example, I just started learning Born in the USA by Springsteen…now my natural tendency was to sing the chorus/verse Born as b-(oh)-rn(cvt overdrive) with light distortion…it's insanely efficient and costs almost nothing. But after listening back, it just sounded wrong. So, I had to start tinkering and I eventually leaned towards a more nasalized french o/ah type sound and it started to sound better( or at least closer to some his live recordings.) But, i was getting vocal fatigue right away so I knew something was wrong. So, I dialed back volume/intensity to around 5ish out of ten and focused on keeping it there, and everything felt great. Bottom line is singing actual songs should not be a solely intellectual exercise. Yes technique matters and yes it can be physical(and therefor tiring) but it's also a creative experience and above all should be fun. Here's my final one take on the song: OK...little addendum to my post..just saw this on youtube and damn I'm physically exhausted after watching Bruce on this one...jesus ...he's directing more towards overdrive vowels which is more bang for the buck in a live situation(for the most part ...of course he's blending and darkish also...but.....sounds ridiculously great here!!!
  5. Ron, thanks can pick up some pretty decent back-up singers on Itunes these days And my wife is a fiery red dirt girl for whatever that's worth. Marcus, thanks a lot. That's a huge compliment! I've been getting back to my roots lately and am enjoying it immensely. I can't sing Journey for shit, but this kind of stuff is in my blood. I'll definitely post more when I get the chance. MDEW, Thank you :)
  6. Just got back from Spain(my second time over I love that country) and this was one of my favorite songs as a kid. I've sang this live many times and it's definitely in my "wheelhouse," but this is my first time recording it. Any feedback appreciated!
  7. I don't know Bob….to me it sounded like the voice of an angel swept down from the all mighty heavens and took full possession of 1978 Steve Perry's body and he sang the blues so hard and sweet that a lone tear slipped from the long dead skull body of the great Blind Lemon Jefferson.
  8. MDEW, you've got a great tone for this style of music(and one of my favorites on this forum) you just need more work on the upper notes. You're still closing down the sound WAY WAY WAY too much. G# is still "relatively" low in range so you want to keep vowels wide open. Think EH/OH/A depending on word. If you shout out "Hey" to someone in the next room or across the street, you'll be getting closer to the sound you need for this song. If you're working on your own, that's about all I can recommend. Would love to hear you get a few more notes hammered out and situated, so if there's anything I can help you out with, let me know.
  9. MDEW, Ron thanks....and a pint sounds great. Heck, with all the delicious craft breweries around, we should skip the pub.
  10. It's much appreciated!!! I'm just slapping vocals on top of karaoke tracks so for me it's always great to have as many pairs of ears as possible....I usually have spots that bother me, but sometimes can't put my finger on it(or more likely just get lazy and don't want to mess with it ).....other times people hear things that don't bother me in the slightest, but will make me re-evaluate and really listen with an open mind(ears.) Thanks again
  11. Ha...thanks guys. I've been dialing in my "rock voice" for awhile now....getting closer to my ideal. And Owen...I don't think my high pitched catarwauling is ever in tune :lol:
  12. The old party band staple...tried to capture the original vibe the best I could
  13. Aliens exist...
  14. Great stuff Dante!!! Speaking of Broussard, I remember when I first heard this video…damn…I'm sure Donny would've approved: