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  1. I'd rather not get into personal medical history on the forum, but yes, I have been tested for allergies. I look at air pollution as a more or less unavoidable environmental hazard, and short of dropping the gigs (!) there's not much that can be done to lesser its impact. I'm looking for practical suggestions to ease the effects of bad air on the voice. I'm already pumping myself full of water before during and after outdoor shows. Does anyone have other tricks or tips that work fo them?
  2. Yep, pretty sure it's tagged to air quality - I don't have any allergies and the sore throat and tight chest only kick in on "bad air days" here. On days without smog advisories I'm fine. Just trying to work out a strategy for preparing for outdoor gigs now, given the seemingly steady rise in bad air days where I live. I've always got water on stage, but if there are other things I could/should be doing to keep the throat/voice limber and working properly during an outdoor show, I'll certainly give them a try!
  3. hi everyone. As a Celtic folk player and singer, I often play outdoors in the summer months in southern Ontario, where the air quality can sometime be quite poor due to smog, heat and humidity. I can feel the bad air days in my chest and throat even though I don't have allergies (tight chest, sore throat). Apart from the ever-present water bottle, are there any tips and tricks all the festival players should keep in mind to maintain their vocal health through all the outdoor gigs?