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  1. Olem

    Holy Diver

    Thanx for the demonstration, Xamedhi. I understand the vowel modification. Both "wheel" and "seen" uses the same vowel "ee" but for some reason i found it a lot more difficult to reach the C5 in "wheel".
  2. Olem

    Holy Diver

    Hmm, yes i saw it was removed. IMO a little stupid since it says explicitly that it is a cover and also it's nowhere near the quality of the original song ☺ Thanx for the tip, Robert. What exactly do you mean by getting strong? I understand it is some kind of training. But what training?
  3. Hello! Tried this challenging and legendary song again. I, especially found the C5 phrase "wheel" challenging, more than the equal C5 "seen". Why is that you think? Any suggestions to improve this song? Ok, so the youtube link doesn't work so here is a link to my facebook video instead. I hope this works. https://m.facebook.com/story.php?story_fbid=10153584906741517&id=654441516
  4. Hehe, thanx Ron. You are kind as always. I, myself, am not totally pleased with this cover, it is a damn hard song, the phrases sung goes so fast. I twist my toungue when i for example sing "the horse he sweats with fear...". Sometimes the phrases are stuck in my throat especially on the first verse i think.
  5. Hello, again! Here you have my maximum ability. Head voice, chest voice and mix, all in the same song. Unfortunately i have too much of the pharyngeal voice in the verses (sorry, but i have sang too much Judas Priest). What do you think?
  6. I like your voice, great singing, reminded me a little of Bono. Great achievement!
  7. Testing my lower voice in this Frank Sinatra classic. No fooling around here and no cheating either - 1 take.
  8. Hello, Robert, thanx for listening! Hehe, there is nothing to understand i guess and it is silly as you said. It is just me singing and fooling around abit. But forget about that, the singing is the important part. I actually sing in the video but put in another edited singing file.
  9. Sounded great Elvis! Your tone is similair to Coverdale's. I couldn't hear any major faults and you did it justice. Too bad you don't have much time to post your singing because i really like your voice.
  10. Hehe, Ron, thanx for your kind words and for listening. Oh, no, you got me there (trying to hide some gray hair) I am not brazilian i am swedish but i have a brazilian girlfriend, though, and i speak portuguese so i guess i am a little brazilian . Also a big thanx for you Aravindmadis! I must admit that it is playback in my video, i sing for real but i put another singing version into my video, so i guess i am cheating a little
  11. This sounds great, Felipe! In the chorus you sound very alike Bruce Bruce. Have you tried singing it with a little rasp?
  12. Hello, there, long time no seeing! Please critique this video. Constructive critics are always welcome. Don't mind the craziness in those videos, hehe, i am more interested in how you find my voice. Pitch, tone etc. Speed of Light by Iron Maiden
  13. Great singing, you have improved alot since the last time i heard you, Seb! Your tone is not so falsetto-ish ( as in airy) anymore. Keep up the good work!
  14. I liked this as well, Jeremy. Excellent work! Your voice could be a little prominent in the mix, something i usually do myself.