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  1. You make it sound so easy and effortless when it's such a hard song to sing ! Sounds great, kudos !
  2. ​Many thanks Gneetapp, your comment means a lot to me! ​Thanks Olem ! Glad to hear you liked the result overall !
  3. Olem, I can't really discern your voice can you please post a clip with the vocals mixed a bit higher ?
  4. Hi all, I recently finished this cover, I hope you like the vocals. Rob Zombie - American Witch Cover by OGregomixmaster Many thanks, Than
  5. What a beautiful song this is. Wow.    I liked how you interpreted it Rob, all the little nuances of your voice are strong selling points for me.   Cheers Than
  6.         Rob, I'm glad you liked this I did the "grandma" phrase in a stronger head voice but I tried a much lighter shade for the rest (closer to King's interpretation).   I made the music bed, my recording through and through safe for the drums & solos of course.   As for the harmonies, I just copied what is on the record, always using a very light, piercing tone. The truth here is that although it sounds like he's got 5 different harmonies, he's got only 1 harmony, doubled a few times. I did the same thing. One main voice and 1 harmony done 3 times if I remember correctly.   I'm pretty sure I've posted a cover of Mercyful Fate's Come to the Sabbath, you might enjoy that.   Definitely an acquired taste and I'm glad it stayed that way   Cheers Than
  7.     Glad you liked it and thanks for your kind words   Cheers Than
  8. Hey all,   I always wanted to sing this one… so I made a proper cover for it.     >   Let me know what you think of the vocals.     Cheers Than
  9. Great head voice command, really dig what you did there   There's a little loss of control at a certain part in the end but nothing that cannot be corrected !   Cheers Than