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  1. Hey Steven, Good luck on your move. Hope it is easier than mine was last year. Yes my lowest note is a G, 11 notes below middle C. The sirens seem to be good for my voice and I like the way it makes the voice sit. I'm impressed with this, and will start with other vowels as well. The voice still has issues on the bottom of my singing/ speaking range, but that will take some time to clear up. I find that if I have to raise my voice just a little, to speak above a passing car, or while an airpane is flying by, or above any other noise, I have major issues. If I speak softly and quietly,
  2. Steven, I've been doing the vocal sirens starting with my lowest notes, and they seem to be helping a little. I'm still going to need more time to definitively determine if it is working. I had thought my lowest range was middle C, but it turns out my lowest notes are an octave and a half below middle C - never realized it before. Anyway I will continue with the sirens on the Ah vowel as you suggested. Should I begin other vowels as well? Thanks.
  3. Yes, please do. Thank you so much, Steven, I will give this excercise a shot each day.
  4. Steven, as a lyric Tenor, my bottom note is a "squeaky G". My top useable notes are D, and sometimes E above High C, when I'm in really good shape. The notes in question are the bottom D area just under the Passagio.
  5. Thank you all for your concern and input, my friends. I am overwelmed by your support - your ideas on what could be going on with me. Joanna: Videostrobe was clean. For the hernia surgery, I was not intubated, but the vocal decline (cracking and flatting) began happening from before the surgery- when the hernia first started. No abdominal complications. My breath use does feel different- I run out of air much more quickly now and it feels labored. Where before I could fill an opera house with my voice, I now have difficulty projecting, or even calling to another room. The voice will cr
  6. I'm 40. I've had an operatic career for 2 decades, but cannot sing now due to vocal cracks in my lower register. Upper register is as clear as ever. Over the past 2 years, 5 separate ENT's looked at the vocal folds and deduced that there is nothing wrong with them - no polyps or nodules. I am not a smoker, but had to sing numerous times with bad colds over the years, and had an inguinal hernia that began in 2004. Voice started malfunctioning in 2004, and got progressively worse, even after the hernia surgery. Lower register is now weak, and I've been too afraid to perform for the past yea
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