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  1. I saw a video of Ducktales theme with real ducks and I had to sing this Lol but on the serious note, I'm getting closer to my "Adam Lambertish" voice. There is quite little gap between my falsetto and connected voice, it has all become quite high and lifted, and connection is getting stronger and more flexible. At least when my voice is in good shape and warmed up a bit things seem to work wonderfully. How's it sounding? https://app.box.com/s/ei372cpgfrxdv6vccgr7
  2. Thanks guys. Ronws I agree with what you said. Wabba I haven't worked on any particular song, or even with rasp in any focused way. It's there on the "good days" when my voice is in a good shape and / or well warmed up, and I've been just throwing it around whenever I feel like going for it. I haven't done it much, but mostly on Michael Jackson songs recently.
  3. Owen my bad. I missed that video, yes I agree with what you said about it, definitely. About the original video, here's "Titanic" from the same guy: At the end after modulation you can hear how his voice starts to crack, he wants to add power but it doesn't happen (at least this is how I feel about it). So for most people this kind of development would not be enough, he is just stuck with his falsetto As beautiful as it sounds... But I bet Adam Lambert could sing a beautiful headvoice version of Titanic and still belt the high notes at the end. That's a totally different level of development.
  4. Owen awesome response about building light heady mix, but in this particular case I don't agree with the mixing, I don't think he mixes the way you described it. Many times you can hear at the onset how he flips from chest into head (falsetto) and continues to sing in head. Also when he swells the volume and intensifies the tone I can almost feel in my own throat how there is a limit which he cannot go beyond the way he is doing it, because he is in falsetto (I think). Also, maybe by mixing you mean something else and I misunderstood But I don't think so... I think he just has developed his "falsetto muscles" so far to produce this kind of singing, but it is not connected to chest the way you described. The head is simply strong and flexible and has a lot of space in the back of the throat and resonates a lot. I think so! Edit: Also it seems to me that he has stretched his headvoice very low into his chest range. There naturally chest starts to connect and add it's own tone, but it is still head. Very different from someone who just sings breathy and tries to imitate this through chest voice without the necessary head development.
  5. Lucca and Bronya thanks! Yes I do have a high voice :)
  6. Thanks Owen, it really felt like a good balance. I definitely put some extra "restrain" or "squeeze" or whatever and it did not feel uncomfortable in any way. But I am not completely sure what I did either, my voice seemed to be in a nice and warmed up state and then things happened sort of intuitively. I just put a little extra attitude and did something little different in my throat.
  7. Just half jokingly I was singing and started to scream with rasp. I was surprised that it came out so well, and the high note definitely surprised me. Also I'm very happy how connected my voice is here. What do you think? https://app.box.com/s/a56f6ywmm40bgdv5sn8g
  8. Thanks for the tips again guys, I will try them out! Wabba yes it's me... I don't completely want to hijack this thread so I'll continue posting my practices on Critique part of forum. Just did some raspy screams gonna post them, please check them out too.
  9. Xamedhi, that does help, thanks!
  10. Guys check out me singing "Bad" https://app.box.com/s/l1t9qpsdme18mkvdgmgg I also posted this on my "Girls girls girls" thread on Review my singing -part. I think I'm getting a handle on some of this Jackson stuff, and my voice is a bit stronger than it has been before.
  11. Thank you for your feedback everyone! Ronws, I agree with the breathiness and inconsistency on the lower part, but it is also a stylistic thing that I pursue, that I hear some light voices like Adam Lambert and Michael Jackson do, they tend to be soft and tender on the low end and add intensity on the way through passagio and on the higher register. That's kinda what I'm after. Phil, yes I'm interested in working on that now.. Xamedhi thank you also for your tips, I will look into them. Rockme12 thank you for the compliment! MDEW I actually recorded something in a bit lower register for you but it got lost with all the files Today I did some Michael Jackson though. It's high register again and once again I'm trying to sing the low end softly and heady, but I think this sounds a bit more natural this time. Don't know, what do you guys think? https://app.box.com/s/l1t9qpsdme18mkvdgmgg Edit: Fixed the link
  12. The days when Michael belted his songs live... Amazing. I can't help with the technique question but guys check out the whole Wembley concert in 88 if you already haven't, not only is the concert itself amazing but you get to see and hear how Michael structured his set, songs etc, how he took breaks during the 1,5 hour concert (long instrumental parts etc), what songs he belted and where and so on. And what an energy he put into the show. Anyone who does something like this on tour time after time sure deserves to be called an athlete :)
  13. Hey guys, Can you help me to start working on a fuller and more balanced tone? My tone is so squeezed, "high", heady and sometimes nasal. I'm weary of this because I have such a "headvoice lift" or "headvoice ramp" going on that I have worked on, headvoice and high range is quite easily accessible and headvoice musculature is quite dominant. You know, Frisell stuff So I don't want to lose any of this development and ease, I want to develop a tenor voice that sits very high, like Robert Plant or Adam Lambert. But I need to work on a fuller tone. I'm always so afraid to work on my chest or engage chest fully, but then I end up sounding squeeky and my tone has no fullness or depth. Here's something I did to day. I tried to put as much deepness into this as I felt comfortable with. My voice leans a lot into headvoice musculature even in passagio, which feels wonderful. https://app.box.com/s/jijy2n8cdndedbqkbcsx
  14. Great to hear geno. That's exactly how I feel about my voice right now. I have some control and freedom from tension. Also check out my Bruno Mars acapella clip that I just posted if you like!
  15. Hi guys, acapella once again. My voice has been getting stronger during the last weeks. I'm thinking that all the building up and preparatory work is paying off, all the Frisell falsetto stuff that I've been doing for ages. Hopefully my tone will grow quite a bit from what it is now, but at least the headvoice and mix is there, strong and flexible, I feel a lot of control on my voice and breath support, and I can throw some vibrato on my mixed voice. What do you think? https://app.box.com/s/shfkw948ncacuyb1kxdt