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  1. Contact Robert Lunte for a FREE private, personal phone or Skype call to get setup without being taken advantage of.
    Wow, this is cool. I purchased pillars about 2 years ago and also trained with you in Seattle. I don't know if you remember me, my name is Jarod from Portland? Probably not. But the training was excellent and pillars is great. I need to update. Great forum Robert!
  2. Huh? me no know? you mean am I telling a joke? No, it thought this was the mixed voice techniques when you sing in your Falsetto. Isnt this whats the way to go? this got a lot of talking going.
  3. Hi guy's... i found this video of Brett Manning screaming in his falsetto and its amazing!! I have his SS and I can see why its so good... what do you guys think? &