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  1. yea i use chest voice here plus guys its a bad recording ill try get a real mic nd record it
  2. maybe i sound straining but really im nt haha think i hv to work more to control the rasp
  3. heres an acapella of this song my friend recorded thru skype chat , i didnt warmup nd my mic is the normal cheap headset mic so expect the best
  4. check this 1 , it seems like his live performances r always better than studio ones any idea y?
  5. yea jon thats exactly wat i meant
  6. thank you rob so much ill send you a file soon cause ive been sick for few days now...i hv to say that you rob are the most helpful and best communicator coach ive seen ronws: its not that ktva wasnt working for me its just that it didnt gave all the results i ws looking for, my priorities wer head voice development thats y i used tvs which was for me really effective in that area. the covering technique in tvs is really good but wat i want is belting (overdrive and curbing) its just wat i wanna sound like thats all. so i wanna combine both methods cz i think if i did id be workin almost all the vocal modes equally dono if im rite tho :rolleyes:
  7. hey everyone ive been using 4 pillars for like 5 or 6 months now and results r jst amazing i can hit high metal screams so easy nw, first time i can actually know hw to sing in headvoice powerfully. Before using pillars i used ktva for like 2 months nd i stopped it cause my tone changed it became baritonish altho im a tenor and i couldnt sing voice was as hard as a rock and belting was much much easier and more powerful. so i wanna combine both of these methods in my training to be able to sing both lightly nd strongly in any part of my range....u guys think its a good idea? (say yes plz )
  8. hahahahaaa ya i know but his workouts sound better with the mic u hear the head voice really loud and boomy so u enjoy doing it but for the other prograams i think it will be really boring to do them with a mic :P
  9. yea maan thanks and jimmy is 1 of my favs i have all his albums as u say hes a really awesome artist :D
  10. ok guys can u plz send me ur msn emails or skype cz im in a big confusion :/ im using 4 pillars now and i know i will sing with power but it will be a different sound than those 2 awesome singers do as a beginner in the whole vocal technique world i dont know which is approach or technique is right and which is wrong some say pull up chest others say dont and many other contradicts. i will still be using 4 pillars cz its really great for learning twang and i will have some lessons soon with rob but my demands are many im a greedy person i wanna sing in both ways like robert's techniques and also like lambert and gnecco
  11. agaaaaaain the lectures are awesome they explained all this and the intrinsic anchoring REALLY helped me!
  12. guys after 1 week i could hit a really high note with rob's exercises so effortless now i understand that high range isnt difficult to achieve, its the middle range thats more difficult and requires more work
  13. but i thought curbing cant be used with the vowel ay as in staay that high or am i wrong?
  14. wow big confusion lol i always thought he used mainly curbing and sometimes overdrive i hoped he used edge cz thats wat im practicing nw ok check this 1 out here i can hear this guy jimmy gnecco at the end oof the songs he belts really powerfully wen he sings STAAAAAAY WITH ME TONIIIGHT!! i can hear a hold there (curbing) hw is that although the vowel is ay i really begin to doubt the vocal mode thing or is wat hes doing damaging to the voice he is having lessons from ss ppl and of course they oppose pulling up of chest voice