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  1. Thanks guys. I want to make my singing pleasure for listeners. I'm 26 now, I stopped singing very high notes for nothing, make my voice so strained etc. Focus on music and just singing. Thank @ron for reply, I try to learn how to sing in English because it is very difficult task for East European nations.
  2. I'm really happy @berni. Thank you. I listened to your Faithfully cover. Excellent singing. It's really helpful for this board to have such a good singers like you.
  3. http://youtube.com/watch?v=6nmYJch-_BE If you like it I'd be happy.
  4. Great man. The last chorus is much, much better then 1st nad 2nd, more staccato and opened sound. Great singing over all. cheers
  5. Many well-known singers like Perry or Jacskon have their individual sounds, sounds that everybody knows and it is easy to recognize ones by. Sometimes, some singers try to imitate it. Result can be so entertaning. What I mean is 1.07. Ladies and gentelmans mr Jake Simpson one of the most underrated singers out there. EVER.
  6. There is sth like "morning voice" effect, just like Felipe and Jens said. For me it works like that: https://www.box.com/s/t9upul1y654beobtz1t8 cheers
  7. Nothing "genius" I can see here. Stevie Wonder is a musical genius for me. IMO it depends on What does 'genius' mean?
  8. ha ha ha You sound like woman. Use it and do crazy good female hits: Dion, Houston etc. Create YouTube profil, grab 1000000000 views, get invited to Ellen, Letterman.... etc shows and after this... sky is the limit. cheers
  9. After years of practice... My low head voice beacame naturally full, both falsetto and full head voice. Ive been searching this kind of sound for a long long time. Now here it is - my usual/daily singing now. Just a raw voice from dyn mic plus reverb. Ribbon in the sky 15s https://www.box.com/s/0lg029x0nlh63ebr185t
  10. https://soundcloud.com/richardstomach/unaware some falsetto singing for you guys. Hope you enjoy! dev
  11. Entire song in oryginal key has been done in head voice. Try to release your head voice tones and sing it once again.
  12. Very nice man! Waiting for more from you.
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