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  1. paquijote

    voice producing strange sound (buzzing)

    Thank you for your response Steven! Here's the link to a brief recording: The "buzzing" is more pronounced when singing open [a], particularly around 0:14. There is no pain whatsoever, I'm just a bit worried. I have take classical voice lessons, and am currently in search for another teacher in Denton, Tx (if you know anyone...) However, the buzz is still present when not singing in a "classical" style. Please let me know about the recording...
  2. This is not me singing, but this is an example of the question I am about to ask. When I sing, there seems to be a kind of "buzzing" sound, as if something were perhaps obstructing my vocal chords. Listen carefully to the singer in the video: you will hear it. He is a very good singer, but I personally am concerned about my voice. I do not know if this is a sign of damage or if I'm doing something wrong, or if I could lessen this "buzzing" when I sing... Could anyone shed some light on this for me? The video: