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  1. I agree that the AC DC ones were good, I mean that it's a different type of beast. A lil more held back with distortion all the time works on AC DC, on GnR it just doesn't... And its the all out GnR high sound that he just can't pull anymore apparently.
  2. Part of the issue is that Guns n Roses vocals are much more aggressive than AC/DC and they extend over wider range, more sustain, etc. I just never heard Axl usingg his trademark raw scream after the 90s... he tries but something is always off, gets super thin and falls apart...
  3. Alright if you want to center it more, try focusing on the vowels EH and OH, do it first on the low range and try to make them sound clear/open, then go up. It could help a bit.
  4. Cool song with tons of different techniques all around.
  5. There are many possibilities here, one of them is that you are not really in chest voice, another that your voice is still not fully developed, and probably a combination of these... For males to go above A4 in chest voice it gets really brutal, an almost useless sound that you won´t be hearing much outside raw styles like Grunge/Punk. Though I would argue there is something to gain practicing it. Would love to hear a demonstration of what you mean though!
  6. I would call it belt because it´s getting the open character, but notice that some distortion starts to happen, and by the end, it still sounds open but there is a lil *cry* to it, these two are indications that it´s not totally centered. It sounds really cool.
  7. Hello, it comes with practice, the essential part is to keep trying to find your way to it, playing the line first and trying to get it right on the context of the harmony is a good practice for it. The issue is, when you are singing with others you will all have to be on the same key, otherwise it is going to be chaos, so a good idea would be to study the idea of musical scales and transposing the melody line within the scale, this way you can sing a 3rd bellow for example. And this is very different for our perception compared to moving the whole harmony up/down. I hope it helps!
  8. Sup, a teacher is likely to be a good option, I specialize on metal and this type of power vocals, maybe I can help you. An example: But, it´s a LOT of work ahead of you, Dio, Lande, Russel Allen, are in my opinion on a level of their own. Welcome to the journey \m/
  9. Join us on the messenger groups! I think you would love it
  10. Well it may be unintended, but there is a huge amount of compression/limiting (even clipping) happening in this clip, very audible specially on the chorus, also low/high pass filtering. It´s much more lo-fi than it is a realistic picture of how it was sounding live there, which are expected aspects of recording with a phone or cheap camera. Which is not to say that it isn´t really good, love the power.
  11. Very cool man the power is there, and it sounds like you can get comfortable with it. Have you worked a lot on it already? Keep singing with this idea and try to consolidate it, at least on AC/DC you are pretty much set with this (actually a lot of things will go well with it).
  12. Thanks bro! Ah it´s awesome all around, a bit different from the usual Maiden formula (which I also love).
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