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  1. Join us on the messenger groups! I think you would love it
  2. Well it may be unintended, but there is a huge amount of compression/limiting (even clipping) happening in this clip, very audible specially on the chorus, also low/high pass filtering. It´s much more lo-fi than it is a realistic picture of how it was sounding live there, which are expected aspects of recording with a phone or cheap camera. Which is not to say that it isn´t really good, love the power.
  3. Very cool man the power is there, and it sounds like you can get comfortable with it. Have you worked a lot on it already? Keep singing with this idea and try to consolidate it, at least on AC/DC you are pretty much set with this (actually a lot of things will go well with it).
  4. Thanks bro! Ah it´s awesome all around, a bit different from the usual Maiden formula (which I also love).
  5. Thanks man!!! Ah you are in for some fun then, don´t skip Dehumanizer, and then there is his solo work... damn.
  6. Our cover of this awesome song, we are doing the whole Mob Rules, a song/week. Coming up this weekend is the title song Mob Rules!
  7. @HiCu I think kens voice work really well on stuff like purple where that narrowing sounds appropriate but I don´t dig it so much when he is doing more dynamic stuff like Iron or Dio, it´s powerful but kinda odd. I knew Raphael yeah, he is a beast \m/
  8. This time we take a look at a very underrated song, from the last album Ozzy did with the guitarrist Randy Rhoads. Enjoy! \m/
  9. Thanks man, this one is probably the most challenging one so far also. What he did on this thing is absolutely insane. \m/
  10. Another fun song we did, enjoy! BTW subscribe to the channel, some surprises are on the way
  11. The last part of our tribute, we´ve choosen the epic Rainbow in the Dark, second single Dio released on his solo band, in 1983. Enjoy!!! Long Live Rock n Roll \m/