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  1. The last part of our tribute, we´ve choosen the epic Rainbow in the Dark, second single Dio released on his solo band, in 1983. Enjoy!!! Long Live Rock n Roll \m/
  2. Thanks man! For the starting points what I´ve been doing is working a *lot* on dynamics and intensity control, from one extreme to the other. The final part is all out and what seems to do the trick is finding out what you need to keep "engaged" to keep it stable.
  3. On this day (may 16th), 10 years ago, the world lost one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock and metal singer of all times. We´ve put together some of his most famous songs and will be releasing them during the week as a tribute and to celebrate his life and work. Long Live Rock n Roll! \m/
  4. So far nothing... Isolation happened here and I had to put some side projects on stand by Rob, I also did not find a BT that I liked very much, would have to make one...
  5. Due to isolation we can't gig so we decided to do some quasi-live recs haha. This is all diy single takes on the song, hope you like it!
  6. I keep on my quest to understanding his vocals and this is great info thank you, it is what I heard from other people that worked with him, and what it sounds like too (it is on a different level). Any cool stories about him?
  7. Jens is also in. How you guys feel about making a cover of Dust in the Wind (Kansas)? Each of us record a bit of the song, and then I put it together in a nice way.
  8. Thank you bro, think I will have something by next week.
  9. Yeah this is all normal, we really do that, you fine tune your voice as you hear it back when you sing. So one thing you can do is to *imagine* the note before you begin it, hear it in your mind a few moments before singing it, even if you slide to it in your imagination, it will give you the correct "setting" to start singing. As you repeat this, it becomes second nature.
  10. Sup, I like the intensity, that's on the right track! So here is what I heard right on the start "A heart on the run" it does not sound very secure, you are sliding to the pitch of the first note, and it is sounding a bit nasal. I would try to make it more clear, articulate the words a bit better, and on the first vowel on heart, try to round it a bit more, a small bit of a yawn might get it darkened and more full sounding. The next point that is rather important is on "raged", it sounds like you were trying to go powerful there, but it didn't quite happen as you intended, try playing with the vowels in there, I would start with eh ", sing it more like rEHgd, and avoid the diphthong (don't focus on the i on *reijd*), after it is more free, you can tune it to your liking (closer to normal pronunciation or super open). This happens through the song, a bit of work on these will improve the quality a lot. Cheers!
  11. That's awesome Ananya keep it up! I am presuming it's your dad that is writing here, so sup mate, listen, there is something off on the guitar, I dunno if its just the tuning or it needs a check on the intonation, it will value her voice even more. Cheers!
  12. Having a disposition towards this kind of singing... and working on it. Voice classification so early is not such a bright idea, so don't lock yourself too much on the fach. Can you provide a sample of you singing something on the lower range?
  13. Very fun song that has alternating characters, from the musical Jekyll and Hyde: Alternating head voice and chest voice with more compression to get the different vibes. Cheers!
  14. Nice Ananya, keep it up and send some more covers!!!
  15. I've made this quick video in reply to a question about how to make falsetto more "rich" sound, though it is not necessarily just for falsetto: Linking it in here in case it can help others with the same doubt.
  16. Very nice man, yes you can learn to control this and do it whenever you want. It can take some searching at first, but keep at it. With 5 lessons you just started out so it is a good thing you already stumbled on this.
  17. Hello, welcome. 1 - A lot, there is tons you can do to improve aesthetics and quality. Yes you can expect a huge change. 2 - Right now is not sounding too good. On a couple of spots you are sliding on the beginning of the words to get to the notes, and some of them you don't really reach, sounds a bit insecure, kinda like you don't have a clear memory of the melody in your mind. Try sitting down on a piano and working out the melody of these verses, then memorize how it sounds like. It should help. L5 means lesson five?
  18. Lets wait and see if some other members appear, Ill try reaching Bob.
  19. I got news from @Robert Lunte that our friend and team member Adolph Namlik passed away earlier this month... This is sad news and I feel we should do something in his memory, perhaps a song with everyone adding their voices, or perhaps those who want to record something on their own could send it too. I will be recording a song if anyone wants to help or collab doing something please let me know. Felipe
  20. It sounds full enough, and has the held back character that *mix* usually gets. The question is then: is it allowing you to singing the high notes in the way you want? Is it comfortable? If Yes, ok it's what you want. If No, it's not. On the way you are doing, it probably will feel a lot like shouting to go higher but this is not necessarily bad... If you want give it a go on the chat it is easier to work these practical aspects in there.