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  1. Join us on the messenger groups! I think you would love it
  2. Well it may be unintended, but there is a huge amount of compression/limiting (even clipping) happening in this clip, very audible specially on the chorus, also low/high pass filtering. It´s much more lo-fi than it is a realistic picture of how it was sounding live there, which are expected aspects of recording with a phone or cheap camera. Which is not to say that it isn´t really good, love the power.
  3. Very cool man the power is there, and it sounds like you can get comfortable with it. Have you worked a lot on it already? Keep singing with this idea and try to consolidate it, at least on AC/DC you are pretty much set with this (actually a lot of things will go well with it).
  4. Thanks bro! Ah it´s awesome all around, a bit different from the usual Maiden formula (which I also love).
  5. Thanks man!!! Ah you are in for some fun then, don´t skip Dehumanizer, and then there is his solo work... damn.
  6. Our cover of this awesome song, we are doing the whole Mob Rules, a song/week. Coming up this weekend is the title song Mob Rules!
  7. @HiCu I think kens voice work really well on stuff like purple where that narrowing sounds appropriate but I don´t dig it so much when he is doing more dynamic stuff like Iron or Dio, it´s powerful but kinda odd. I knew Raphael yeah, he is a beast \m/
  8. This time we take a look at a very underrated song, from the last album Ozzy did with the guitarrist Randy Rhoads. Enjoy! \m/
  9. Thanks man, this one is probably the most challenging one so far also. What he did on this thing is absolutely insane. \m/
  10. Another fun song we did, enjoy! BTW subscribe to the channel, some surprises are on the way
  11. The last part of our tribute, we´ve choosen the epic Rainbow in the Dark, second single Dio released on his solo band, in 1983. Enjoy!!! Long Live Rock n Roll \m/
  12. Thanks man! For the starting points what I´ve been doing is working a *lot* on dynamics and intensity control, from one extreme to the other. The final part is all out and what seems to do the trick is finding out what you need to keep "engaged" to keep it stable.
  13. On this day (may 16th), 10 years ago, the world lost one of the greatest, if not the greatest, rock and metal singer of all times. We´ve put together some of his most famous songs and will be releasing them during the week as a tribute and to celebrate his life and work. Long Live Rock n Roll! \m/
  14. So far nothing... Isolation happened here and I had to put some side projects on stand by Rob, I also did not find a BT that I liked very much, would have to make one...
  15. Due to isolation we can't gig so we decided to do some quasi-live recs haha. This is all diy single takes on the song, hope you like it!
  16. I keep on my quest to understanding his vocals and this is great info thank you, it is what I heard from other people that worked with him, and what it sounds like too (it is on a different level). Any cool stories about him?
  17. Jens is also in. How you guys feel about making a cover of Dust in the Wind (Kansas)? Each of us record a bit of the song, and then I put it together in a nice way.
  18. Thank you bro, think I will have something by next week.
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