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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Rukmana in The Modern Vocalist World on Messenger   
    Sup! Good stuff, we have now a group on Facebook messenger for live chat and exchanging audio samples on the fly.
    Join us here!
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in How much does teeth affect in singing?   
    Not the teeth itself, but the lips: when you cover your teeth, the lips are rounder and make the mouth opening smaller, resulting in a darker color, when you spread your lips, show your teeth, mouth opening becomes bigger, resulting in a brighter color.
    You can test these extremes going from a OO vowel to AH for example.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in Rainbow - Stargazer   
    A study on one of my favorite songs, by my favorite singer
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Kevin Ashe in This is Bad! And I Don't Mean Good!   
    I agree that the AC DC ones were good, I mean that it's a different type of beast. A lil more held back with distortion all the time works on AC DC, on GnR it just doesn't...
    And its the all out GnR high sound that he just can't pull anymore apparently.
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to Kevin Ashe in This is Bad! And I Don't Mean Good!   
    really? hmmm. Everything I heard (video) of his acdc performances I thought were pretty good. Maybe I just missed the footage you've seen. I don't follow G's&R's so....   anyway, the weak falsettoish singing is just lame.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Kevin Ashe in This is Bad! And I Don't Mean Good!   
    Part of the issue is that Guns n Roses vocals are much more aggressive than AC/DC and they extend over wider range, more sustain, etc.
    I just never heard Axl usingg his trademark raw scream after the 90s... he tries but something is always off, gets super thin and falls apart...
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to Klint Uzuni in Alone - Heart - Male Cover (Original Key) - Klint Uzuni   
    Hello, fellow singers! Here is my next cover:
    If you like what you see, please share and like the video, and subscribe to my channel! Thank you all.

    I hope you enjoy!
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from OmaGesicht13 in Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden Split Screen Cover   
    Thanks bro! Ah it´s awesome all around, a bit different from the usual Maiden formula (which I also love).
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to jonpall in Perfect - Ed Sheeran cover   
    Hi guys, long time no see  . I just recorded a cover of the song Perfect by Ed Sheeran. Thought you might like to hear  . If you like it, feel free to put a comment in the video or a like
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to OmaGesicht13 in Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden Split Screen Cover   
    killer man, probably my favourite performance of Bruce. One of Maidens coolest tracks for sure!
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from OmaGesicht13 in Flight of Icarus - Iron Maiden Split Screen Cover   
    Another fun song we did, enjoy!
    BTW subscribe to the channel, some surprises are on the way  
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Bzean123 in Confrontation - Jekyll And Hyde   
    Thank you bro  
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Bzean123 in UFO - Doctor Doctor - Split Screen   
    Due to isolation we can't gig so we decided to do some quasi-live recs haha.
    This is all diy single takes on the song, hope you like it!

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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Hellcat in Dio sang in his head?   
    Killer, well, on the style (which is heavy metal, not jazz) I don't really know many other singers that improvised and modified their songs live like he did... To be honest I don't even like it so much, I'd rather hear the original lines haha.
    Heaven and hell became another song
    i am not sure what you wanted more in terms of risks... It doesn't get much more risky than the manner he chose to write his songs.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Real in Making things more Chesty   
    I've made this quick video in reply to a question about how to make falsetto more "rich" sound, though it is not necessarily just for falsetto:
    Linking it in here in case it can help others with the same doubt.
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to Kitten13 in Singing like Ronnie James Dio   
    I worked on Dio’s crew. That man was loud!! Sometimes when we there were several acts on the bill, Ronnie did his soundcheck last. They always had to pull his vocals back. And effortless. I definitely go with mutant. And unlike some singers he got better the longer he was on tour. They sometimes booked him 4 nights in a row. You don’t see that with other acts. 
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Bzean123 in RIP Adolph Namlik   
    Jens is also in.
    How you guys feel about making a cover of Dust in the Wind (Kansas)? Each of us record a bit of the song, and then I put it together in a nice way.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Ananya Nepal in Can you feedback my singing.. 9 year old singer.   
    That's awesome Ananya keep it up!
    I am presuming it's your dad that is writing here, so sup mate, listen, there is something off on the guitar, I dunno if its just the tuning or it needs a check on the intonation, it will value her voice even more.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in RIP Adolph Namlik   
    I got news from @Robert Lunte that our friend and team member Adolph Namlik passed away earlier this month...
    This is sad news and I feel we should do something in his memory, perhaps a song with everyone adding their voices, or perhaps those who want to record something on their own could send it too.
    I will be recording a song if anyone wants to help or collab doing something please let me know.

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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in RIP Adolph Namlik   
    Thank you bro, think I will have something by next week.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Pikopoku in Could you spare 4 minutes to listen to my voice and perhaps give me some tips on it?   
    Sup, I like the intensity, that's on the right track!
    So here is what I heard right on the start "A heart on the run" it does not sound very secure, you are sliding to the pitch of the first note, and it is sounding a bit nasal. I would try to make it more clear, articulate the words a bit better, and on the first vowel on heart, try to round it a bit more, a small bit of a yawn might get it darkened and more full sounding.
    The next point that is rather important is on "raged", it sounds like you were trying to go powerful there, but it didn't quite happen as you intended, try playing with the vowels in there, I would start with eh ", sing it more like rEHgd, and avoid the diphthong (don't focus on the i on *reijd*), after it is more free, you can tune it to your liking (closer to normal pronunciation or super open).
    This happens through the song, a bit of work on these will improve the quality a lot.
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    Felipe Carvalho reacted to Robert Lunte in RIP Adolph Namlik   
    I'm in for sure. what do you have in mind?
    singing or VO... I'm open.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in Bridge area notes   
    Depends on how this shouting sounds, the songs you are trying to sing, and what your teacher is trying to get you to do.
    For most males shouting is the very first step that is necessary to learn how it feels like to use your voice with a moderated amount of energy on the middle range, and to correct possible posturing problems related to vocal fold closure. If you start to avoid this before you control it really well, you are setting yourself for frustration.
    Can you provide a sample of how you sing one of these problem songs?
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in "Jack LiVigni on Understanding squillo in the tenor voice"   
    In regards to the harmonic content:
    On the first example where the 6th harmonic should be amplified this is the spectral distribution:

    Both 6th and 5th harmonic have a boost, this is very consistent with the idea of *twang*, being close to the 3khz area.
    On the second example, where he says it´s 5th harmonic:

    Indeed the 5th harmonic is stronger on the twang region, but it´s on a very similar level to what it was before, it´s likely the darkening reduced twang and separated the clustering. Reducing twang is also consistent with the lowering of the energy level on the second partial in relation to the fundamental when compared to the first example.
    Then he demonstrates a vowel on the low range, again the profile is very similar to twang, and of course now that the note is lower, the 3khz band is affecting much higher partials:

    Finally on stage voice, there is a situation closer to the initial sample, only now because of the higher level of closure, the energy content of the harmonics rise in relation to the fundamental:

    Twang and 3rd partial are the dominant areas, with a slightly lower 2nd partial, and the fundamental bellow all of this. This is the profile you get with *covering*, also fits CVT *curbing*.
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    Felipe Carvalho got a reaction from Robert Lunte in Eddie Vedder Technique   
    It´s true that there are people that are significantly better or worse at the skill, it´s also true that everyone works for it in some manner, and it´s true that for the extreme cases normal instruction might not be very efficient, either by being bellow the capability of one of these genius level individuals, or because it´s just totally beyond what a person that has extreme difficulty with singing can cope with.
    The core of the matter is this: If you consider that everyone that gets good worked for it somehow, and that one of the common points on extremely competent performers is that they were singing at high level from a very early age, the inevitable conclusion is that this talent, if you will call it that, can be resumed to learning speed.
    And what can be done about learning speed? It seems to be:
    - Keep learning;
    - Learn as fast as you can.
    Two things that seems to be extremely important to stick to this plan:
    - Sing everyday;
    - Record yourself singing songs and evaluate it by the same standard you evaluate music you consume.
    First one is straight forward, if you are not singing, you are not learning. End of story.
    Second one is a tool that is pretty much of free access nowdays, recording, which gives you a very reliable feedback on what you are doing, but the crucial part is to NOT lower your bar with excuses.
    And then there are learning tools, voice teachers, programs, coachs, communities. On our messenger group you can very easily sing to a bunch of people that are also learning and get feedback and different ideas on the fly for example. All  of these can speed up learning,  effectively making you more *talented*.
    TL/DR It´s a race to skill.
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