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  1. This is a pretty good cover. His high notes in this song are really well placed and sound pleasing and effortless! The lower notes in the song, however, are a little bit shaky. I have the opposite issue lol. Overall, nicely done!
  2. You don't seem selfish at all. Thanks for the compliment, coming from you, it is truly an honor!
  3. I think it's great. We all seem to work on our highs so much we forget to work on our lows (at least I do). So, singing this song in this octave would take an amount of control I may not even have yet in that register lol. Good job mate!
  4. Great job on this song guys. It is not as easy as it sounds, is it? Here is mine from a few years ago.
  5. The only free way right now to listen to it without getting me into trouble is to use Spotify and search "drophead"     it is ridiculous. It has to do with the type of copyright protection we elected to use when we sent it in.
  6. I can't post it legally. The music has to be acquired through an approved source. If I break that rule, we forfeit $. Oh, and our music gets kicked off Pandora, Spotify, Time Warner, and the label ... It's a bad situation to be breaking their rules!
  7. Hey guys. Due to some of the licensing/royalty rules, I can't post links or have my music posted anywhere where anyone can listen for "Free". However, it is on Spotify, and you can listen to the entire CD there, for free (yeah, I DON'T GET IT EITHER)Anyway, feel free to listen to it, and post some critiques. My favorite song on the cd is Another Shade of Black. Whats your favorite? Just search drophead.
  8. Thanks for listening Olem, and for the kind words!
  9. Dude every single song you sing sounds epic. This is no exception. Excellent!
  10. Thanks for listening, glad ya like it!
  11. Here is a song off my bands new CD. Check it out!
  12. Thanks buddy! I appreciate your taking the time to listen!
  13. Still a little shaky in the high chorus, but I think it's better than my previous attempts. My bands new CD promo:
  14. You are aiming your voice away from the mic, like at an angle. Try to sing into it more directly. You have a great voice for singing Bon Jovi. You go in and out of tune a bit, and I am not sure if it is because those particular notes are hard for you, or maybe you don't notice. Anyway, sounds pretty good to me.
  15. I recorded this to kind of see where I was at vocally, and give me a point of reference as I progress through the stages of learning to apply different percentages of chest and head voice while mixing. Also, I am having issues with raising my soft palate and keeping my larynx in a reasonable position. Some of the notes are a bit too quacky. This song is VERY tiring (to me anyway), and I felt it when I was done.
  16. Dream Theater - These Walls cover. One take, plus some cheesey background vocals . It is far from perfect, as you will soon tell by listening. 2 cracks, and one note flat. no time to fix today.
  17. Open arms: Sounds Epic! Eternal World: Also sounds epic. You seem to be able to mix above C5 - which is crazy awesome. Also, you are REALLY good at applying varying degrees of mixed voice , which is also awesome. That takes a ton of control man. you're a profoundly good singer. Every time I listen to one of your covers, I find myself thinking "if only I could sing like that"..
  18. Don't forget to check out my Along for the Ride cover. Its just a few songs down :)
  19. I agree. I haven't seen them lately :(
  20. Thanks man. It's my second favorite song on this cd. My first is a long for the ride.
  21. Thanks for listening! Glad you liked it.
  22. Pretty cool. The one bit of advise I would give is to only sing as loud as your softest note. Meaning, don't always belt you belt range. Try to normalize your volume throughout your range. This will give you some more controll after a few weeks. Also, it masks your volume limitations :)
  23. Thanks man. I liked it immediately. Its so catchy!