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  1. Thanks everyone for their input I am activley looking for a vocal coach but cannot find one that seems able to take me where I want to go. In the meantime are their any excerises anyone can reccomend based on that clip. I am well versed in inhaling a diaphramtic breath but do not seem to understand how to apply that breathe to aid in vocalizing. Also when i breathe my bely basically fills up and not so much my rib cage. Any advice?
  2. ' What kind of training? Ive done scale work and attempted sirens but felt i was doing them wrong. Lip bubbles ive done aswell. here is a smal bit of me singing a chorus that im having trouble with http://www.box.com/s/hkcg5oqmij3rp997omo0 let me know if you hear anything that can help me thank you so much
  3. Ive taken years of vocal lessons and find my throat tightening and eventually starting to hurt as a song goes on. I know breathing techniques have read numerous books and taken numerous lessons on this but seirously WHAT IS THE KEY TO SINGING WITHOUT STRAINING? I know in Roger Love's book he has an excersise for keeping the larynx down by practicing moving it up and down? will this help? I am desperate!
  4. Also wanted to thank robert lunte for his input in this thread I really appreciate it and i will be checking out four pillars and look forward to skype lesssons in the future.
  5. I worked with Mitch allan of sr-71 to produce the tracks. this was honestly not a marketing trick lol. there is a lot of production work on the vocal and to be honest i cant really sound like that live. there are no vocal instructors in my area whcih is a big problem.
  6. the problem is there are no vocal teachers in my area. theres one that i go to but she cant seem to help me and it just seems like a waste of money. if any can point me inthe direction of a book and hopefully i can get a skype lesson with that person.
  7. if anybody else can make some reccomendations about things they felt useful thatd be great.
  8. if anyone else has any book reccomendations or something that htey feel really worked let me know. ive tried jamie vendera, roger love, and brett manning.
  9. wow thats cool i dont think i could hit 18 and life either. did u buy his book or did u take private lessons wiht him.
  10. again thank you for your response. maybe my phrasing was off. Im not really looking to expand my range and sing notes i cant hit now. im more interested in being able to hit the notes that take strain and force now with ease and comfort so on stage it feels effortless. sorry for any confusion
  11. I am very interested and thank you for all your help and support. Here is a behind the scenes look at the making of my EP if any of you guys are interested in what I do. Basically where im at now is I havent "practiced" vocalizing for over a month. Ive kind of lost what little range the practice i was doing got me. my routine was some roger love excersises, jamie vendera breathing excersises and some other song work that my vocal teacher gave me. I think this is good as it gives me a chance to start over and start doing the right thing. If you guys could help me and point
  12. im 19 now. and had to rele the basic problem i think for most singers is being able to sing higher notes with ease. i just cant seem to relax my throat on them and therefore it causes a lot of tension. tongue pulling excersises whethere there good or bad do indeed help. I had a visit with Katie Agresta (shes worked with everyone from beyonce to bon jovi 125$ a half hour tho totally not worth it) and she also recocmended doing tongue pulling excersises. pitch is somewhat of a problem also but i think thats more due to using poor technique and therefore coming flat on the note. Sho
  13. Im a songwriter whose found moderate success at age 19 in the publishing world. After years of vocal lessons, reading every book from jamie vendera to brett manning to roger love, I still cant seem to hit high notes with ease and have a voice that really resonates. is it possible that some people just dont have physiology of what it takes to be a great singer?
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