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  1. Hi everyone, In my case in complement of good hydratation i take Homeovox it's homeopathy, it's generally use to prevent voice loss but in my case work well to avoid dry mouth session. don't know if it's exist in every country but think you can find an equivalent. Good continuation Ps: the composition is : Aconitum napellus 3 CH, Arum triphyllum 3 CH, Ferrum phosphoricum 6 CH, Calendula 6 CH, Spongia tosta 6 CH, Belladonna 6 CH, Mercurius solubilis 6 CH, Hepar sulfur 6 CH, Kalium bichromicum 6 CH, Populus candicans 6 CH, Bryonia dioica 3 CH
  2. Hi to all, My first post here, happy to join this community. There's many post about the VE 20 but not specially dedicated to tweak and tips. Why this discussion ? Because depending of the live show, rehearsal condition i've experience some problem of rendering whith the Boss pedal. Sometimes all this perfect, few times have some problem... When we play on our PA there's no problem cause it's tweaked to play on, but when there's big PA whith sound engineer the problem begins (crappy sound, too much med...), Have you experienced this kind of problem...? is there tips to fix it? It's could be great to centralized here few (many) tips to tweak the VE and why not some of our user preset Thanks for your future replies