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  1. I kind of forgot about this. Hoping to hear something cool buried in here somewhere. :)
  2. Did you just add the guitar on this one? I didn't hear it before and it caught me off guard! What are you recording in to? It sounds like you were clipping the preamp of whatever you were using, and a lot of background hiss and noise. I'd drop the levels a little as its def too hot. Good effort!
  3. Oh and the tempo should be spot on. The song kind of does what I always called a skip or a double back, where if it was, say, on a 90 min tempo, it would suddenly be landing between beats instead of on the beats. Make sense? Try a 180 and see what happens, or eight notes without an accent on the first of the bar. That'll prob lock you right in. I use eight notes a lot because of it and because I can lock much better to that. I can't track as well to four clicks per measure it makes me fluctuate.
  4. Pretty cool, George! Some odd choices you made but interesting. I did hear some timing issues, so try to keep an eye on that kind of thing. Actually I could have included the click track with the song but to me it's annoying island it would be in all of the final examples.
  5. Looks like it died. Going to go through and listen to the submissions again. Anyone else gonna jump in?
  6. Seems I'm getting hung up on some notes because of phlegm or whatever in my throat. I'll crack and can't hold so I'll clear my throat and then I can, for a minute, and then it's back. Is there anything that helps reduce or relieve that issue? I don't seem to have any excessive drainage or cold or anything.
  7. Keith I can't get yours to work, or rather, can't find it. Any better link?
  8. I've been away for a few days and bam, more submissions, and here I'm sitting at work and forgot my headphones tonight! Torture! I guess I'll listen through the iPhone speakers, which is almost as Bad as it gets for listening to music. I just can't wait til morning to check em out so I have to deal with crappy quality.
  9. Today is my birthday and I noticed an Increase in what I was able to reach earlier this week by a full step today . I think a step. Depends on what ratio Rob is actually moving up and down during the exercises. Could be two steps, which would be awesome to me. My goal in the beginning was to only get 3 steps up anyway, but with power. Goals change fast lol Happy Birthday to me!
  10. My Dr told me last time that Aleve was a better anti-inflammatory than ibuprofin and that the prescription strength was two instead of one. It worked pretty well I must say.
  11. I woke up this morning kind of feeling like I got punched in the rib last night. It didn't occur to me until my Gf mentioned it sounded like pleurisy that it does kinda seem like it could be. Here's what's weird: last time I had it, I was starting to do some vocal exercises pretty heavily that I had found on YouTube, but I had also had a pretty brutal cough to go with it. So here a few weeks in after starting over it feels like I may have it again, but without a cough. Has anyone heard of irritations to the lungs or linings caused singing? Man it would suck if I'm for some reason susecptible to something like this.
  12. When I was about 18 I had James do his signature grunt thing for me when I met and was hanging out with them. That was a highlight of my year lol
  13. Haha wow! You did some editing/pasting too! I dig it. I like how you cut loose and got a little more aggressive on the second chorus. Unfortunatly I had to listen over my cell phone first pass. I'll get a better listen here in a little while. Sounds like you had some good range going on there.
  14. But I just listened to a Nickleback song after doing about 45 minutes of warm ups and exercises, thinking I was gonna nail it, and that dude just left me behind. He has a huge, powerful head voice. The song I was listening to he rarely ventured down to high chest voice but it sure sounded like big chest voice the whole time. He's a damned good rock singer.