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  1. I agree haha. Yeah and I always thought that guy sounded like a more tame version of Eddie. Though he also seems to rip off of Axl Rose: lol!
  2. Woah. Didn't expect this to turn into a Vedder bashing contest. I LIKE his voice, his tone and the raw energy, therefore I could care less about the technique and if it's good or bad. His pitchiness doesn't bother me at all, on the contrary, I think it suits him. I was just curious if he improved his technique over the years and the thoughts of you guys on it. Now it just looks like some people are flinging shit at Eddie Vedder while others try to counter it.
  3. I've sparked up a bit of conversation about this in my other thread some time ago but I figured I'd put it in a seperate thread. Eddie Vedder is one of my favorite singers and I always have been wondering about his technique. I'm a nobody when it comes to knowledge on singing so that's why I'm posting this here:P I believe that back in the Ten days, he had pretty poor technique and pulled chest alot because he often sounded like he shouted and strained alot. Now I think he has better technique when he goes higher because it sounds less strained and more 'heady'. (just my opinion though, again, I don't know much ) Compare these two live performances of the song 'State Of Love And Trust', one from the 1992 unplugged where I think that he had poor technique and a more recent one, 2009 I think. http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=da46tpono_M The chorus sounds to me like he is just shouting it out there? Here it sounds more heady in my opinion. I'd like to know what you guys think regarding his technique.. seeing as my knowledge is very limited.
  4. Well I've bought and downloaded Pillars and I gotta say it's great already! I practiced the first few exercises today and I was already able to hit the same note I mentioned earlier (E above middle C), without any pushing or strain, it just felt effortless. (:
  5. Oh, and would I be able to plug a guitar into something like that? I have an electric-acoustic one which I sing along with alot, just don't have anything to record with.
  6. Yes that's exactly what I want. (: I'll look around!
  7. Well I don't have a mac but I do have a SM58. Well, it's not mine but the band's, I use it for backing vocals. With audio interface do you mean a small PA-ish apparatus so that I can connect the mic to the PC?
  8. @ Jason you posted just before I did, so I didn't see it. But it's cool to see that I'm not the only one aspiring to start with Pillars around this time. (: Yeah I really didn't know that! One of my favorite singers, Eddie Vedder, sounds chesty and pretty much has the exact same sound throughout his whole range I believe. Which is pretty high, but I think he has a pretty crap technique.. though that doesn't prevent him from still going strong after 20 years! About the voice teacher thing, I've looked around for months but nearly every coach is classical and the ones that aren't have a very steep price tag. Thanks mate, you too! :D
  9. Same for me regarding top chest notes.. guess we're in the same boat, only you sound better than me. Oh and I wanted to ask you, what do you use for recording? I need to get some material to record, too. And thanks for the info about the video! (:
  10. Does chest voice stop that early? I was under the impression that it went somewhat higher. But yeah I get really loud too when I sing that note.
  11. Well I'm definitely going to give it my all, and will train alot and possibly post some of my singing on this forum (when I get recording material). And do you mean a lesson with Rob, or a coach in my area? Cool, I'm listening to one of your tracks right now and can tell that you're a better singer than I am already. Myself, I have a pretty low voice, and I don't want to aim for singing that high (yet). I just think my voice sounds pretty dull and my range is pretty limited. I'd just like to build a unique sound at first, or atleast a voice with quality (don't know how to call it but I think you know what I mean ) and extend my range a bit. Goal for my range atm is hitting a G above middle C comfortably, which isn't even that high, but as of now I have a hard time getting to and sustaining a E above middle C. Would that be possible, given the way that I'm going to work on this? Another question, is an E above middle C an E3 or E4? I'm not that knowledgeable regarding notes but I'm assuming the E1, 2, 3, 4 etc, mean what octave it is in?
  12. Hey, I'm new to the forum and I'm thinking about buying The Four Pillars 2.0 since I've heard good things about it and I like it's approach. I'm 19 and I've been playing in a band as a lead guitarist for a couple of years, but I've only recently picked up singing. What I aspire is to someday front a band myself. Before I buy the program I had a few questions though, and I'm hoping that someone could answer them. Will the program help me increase my range if I practice by myself, without seeing a vocal coach? I really can't afford weekly lessons right now and would rather go for a one time investment. I've had like 5 lessons in the past, but the woman I was seeing teached classical music and it just wasn't for me. Now that I've typed out that question I realized that my all my questions pretty much boil down to this (lol); will the program do anything for me, a beginner, if I do not see a vocal coach? I can currently sing up to a E above middle C (I think, I use my guitar to measure the pitch since I don't have a keyboard) , but to do so I have to sing loudly and can hardly sustain the note. And, when I try to go above that my voice constricts and just sounds terrible. Imo, I think I always sounds terrible so that's why I'd like to know if this program will improve my voice.