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  1. Amazing. A true pleasure to listen to.. Had to put on my good headphones : D
  2. Your file is set to private; i cant access it : s
  3. Thank you so much! I actually have noticed that sometimes my voice sounds a bit like kermit the frog. I dont like it! : s. Ill follow your tips on "do not concentrate on yawn. Concentrate on shape of mouth, compressed tongue and slightly lower larynx. " also, i think better support would help as well.. so i dont have to work so hard to make higher notes sound more full. but then again, of course proper breath support helps all aspects of singing. Thanks!
  4. I totally agree with you about the support point! I should do more breathing from the diaphragm exercises right? There were some points i wish were more supported.. because it seems the singing sounds lifeless without it.
  5. I sang one octave below the original because... yeah lol http://www.box.com/s/a66fd7b346ec3585ded4 Please criticize and nitpick : ) Thanks! -Allan Last edited by Speculate (Today 14:08:31)
  6. so those were head voice notes? i thought it might be mixed. can a baritone hit those notes the same way he does?
  7. What techniques are David Phelps using to hit those high notes on: the word 'hear' at 2:58 the word 'voices' at 3:04 the word 'night' at 3:08 the word "diVINE" at 3:32 and finally, the word 'name' at 4:50 i think this performance is really incredible.. Thanks : )
  8. Thank you! So it is not mixed voice/Curbing that i was using? Rather, i was using 'Twang'? What is the best technique to sing high notes like those in the pop songs of today? Alot of them require notes above G4. For example, i guess i am mainly looking for high notes that sound like those from usher, backstreet boys, bruno mars. Im looking for the more pop, less rock type. Less screaming, more subtle. I want those high notes to sound easy and as natural as possible. Could this be achieved with 'Twang' through practise? Thanks Again! Im learning more on this forum in 1 day than i have in a year of being lost!
  9. Thank you everyone for their input!! I am going to get rid of this idea that fach=range! I might have had a small breakthrough today after reading everyone's comments from yesterday. I can do something that ive never done before. however, im not sure what it is exactly. it feels as if i can go through my break easier now. I believe im using my pharyngeal to connect the bridges please note it is morning and i just had an urge to try this. my larynx goes up higher for every higher note. (not sure if that is proper) http://www.box.com/s/6v5ylgm593x8rpszcj7z Also Geno, i heard your aftermath cover and it was quite crazily awesome! Out of curiosity, what vocal type would you classify yourself to be? Thanks everyone so much! Im learning so much already! :)
  10. Thank you! That is amazing news and really encouraging to hear! I'm following Brett Manning's mastering Mix program right now to try and find my 'mixed voice'. Could someone provide any examples of a male baritone singing in his mixed voice and hitting a note like 'Tenor High C'? Maybe on youtube or something? I would like to hear what it sounds like from a baritone! Also another question, why do famous baritone singers like Michael Buble and Josh Groban never go for a note like Tenor High C? If it's possible for us baritones, why do they not do it? Can they do it, but just choose not to do it? I only ask because that was what led me to believe that baritones could not go higher than a G4. Thanks again : )
  11. Hello everyone! I just stumbled upon this site, and its so awesome to know there is a place to talk about singing with other people who are also so passionate about it! Question: Im a male with a baritone range. I cant go past G4 (The one below Tenor C) in chest voice. Im wondering if there are ANY techniques or if it is even possible for a male baritone to be able to hit High tenor C? There are so many pop songs these days, like "Just the way you are" by bruno mars that i would love to be able to sing in its original pitch. What about curbing? or overdrive? adding 'twang'? Ive also researched a technique called the 'mixed voice'. I believe it combines the chest and head voice so one can hit higher notes with the range of head voice but also the power of chest voice. It apparently also allows me to go through my upper break (passagio) with fluidity and no audible crack. My question is: With certain techniques, will i be able to go higher than a G4?? perhaps to a 'tenor high C'? Will it also sound stronger/fuller than pure head voice? I really would like to be able to sing these current day pop songs Thanks so much! I cant wait to be a part of this community! :)