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  1. I always assumed I did not have a vibrato. But I know people have control over it, and can choose to sing with or without vibrato? Are there techniques to learn to control it? I just realized yesterday that when I goof around and sing like a lounge singer, I have a vibrato! I have been singing my own originals for years, and since I am not yet famous, I figure it has a lot to do with my voice, although for now I would like to know if others have taught themselves to use vibrato.
  2. What is the best way to record vocals? In most cases when hearing a song on the radio, i am not aware of the reverb. when i record my own songs. I try to add reverb, but find i like it better dry. Maybe a double on the chorus. Should you ALWAYS add reverb?
  3. Thanks for the replies!!! keep 'em coming! I appreciate all suggestions, positive and negative. That is good advice about "living the song" . I have been playing online in second life and in most cases, not live video, but through an avatar. My audience fluctuates so greatly. Sometimes the response is awesome, and sometimes it is difficult to get people to show up. So basically .. you are saying the delivery is too flat. Well i think it is good advice Thanks. I hope to perform live or on video more often so i really need to bone up on the performance of a song.
  4. Please take a listen to a few videos @ . Is my singing on-key? Do you have suggestions for my voice & style? is it pleasant or unpleasant? There are covers and originals.. If you listen to more than one is there one you didn't like or one you especially liked? These are live recordings i have studio recordings at Thanks so much!