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  1. Easy Kickingtone? How about Easy Kicking tone and Felipe? Read the entire thread on "Fake Loudness" and process where things went wrong. The things brought up by Felipe were not the focus of the thread. They were irrelevant to the discussion proposed by Kickingtone. Statements that he made were also personal opinion transmitted as general opinion or fact. That is when Kickingtone started to be on the defensive/offensive with him. It was not a one way discrepancy or "Trolling". If what Kicking tone was doing is considered as "Trolling" then "Trolling" was committed by Felipe also. I have to go now and will not be able to respond until later in the evening. Please Do not lock this thread or Suspend my membership until I have a chance to respond to any backlash from this post.
  2. This is sad news indeed. Rest in Peace Adolph. You are already missed. I am glad I had the opportunity to know you and you will always be a friend.
  3. There are many factors that in my "Opinion" are tainting all music. But they are only Opinions based on my own Preference. It has nothing to do with whether they are right, wrong or needed in the industry. The factors are not the same across the board. What I found appealing in the different genres are being used in other genres. In effect the purity(?) of the genres is being tainted, perhaps a sub genre being produced? One example could be Electronic drums, over use of melodyne and rapping in country music. The same type of thing happened with Rock Edit and Post script. Evidently any discussion or exchange of ideas can not be presented here. The difference is in who has the authority or means to freeze posts or suspend members. Which led to the attitude of the suspended towards the suspender in the first place. There are only 3 members who contribute on a regular bases and it seems that they cannot even get through a simple thread without debates that lead to frozen threads and suspended memberships. This forum is dead and this what led to the death of it. It is not necessary to "Back up" "Prove" or "confirm" a remark that was used in passing while expressing a separate idea. Once someone is confronted they will defend or attack as they deem necessary. There were others involved and perhaps interested in exploring the discussion at hand and what other discussions that may have been introduced throughout the discussion. This is a forum for singing, not a classroom on sound engineering or for that matter not a classroom for singers with a duly appointed teacher. We are not experts in all things and do not need to be to have a discussion and maybe some of the information is WRONG. So what? We are discussing opinions that may have been sparked by a piece of information that may not be complete in itself. The discussion can go on without the need to back up or prove a random statement used to present an idea.
  4. Several people can watch the same video and take away a different understanding from the same information. It is from matching the information with prior experience, teaching or observations and confirming, conflicting or adding with ideas you already have. It used to be that when presented with information from a teacher or "Expert" the information was to be taken as "True". This does not hold in today''s world. There is so much misinformation that you cannot just accept information from an "Expert" or even a teacher with a PHD in any subject. Sure you may have memorized what you have learned or base your own perceptions from information taught in University but those teachings may have been flawed to begin with or irrelevant in today's ideals, needs or even individual or group preferences. At best you have an opinion that the information involved is correct, wrong, relevant or irrelevant to your situation. I did not get a chance to expand on my comments on the video you posted. I am sure I missed the points or observations that you wanted to point out or discuss and my own comments may not have seemed relevant to you. At one point in the video the speaker gave examples of different limiter programs on the same song. He noted that the resulting sound of each were vastly different. I heard no difference at all. After he played the samples against the phase shifted original, then yes, I heard the distortions and noises that were introduced by applying the limiter to the audio. I was listening through cheap headphones plugged into a cheap laptop. There was no audible difference between the clips. I could only imagine that there would have been a difference IF I had been using an expensive audio system or at the least a good quality set of earphones through a computer with a decent soundcard. But, that is also one of the points that the speaker was trying to make. No matter how good the recording, or how "loud" the mix, The streaming platforms are going to put a cap on the overall volume to regulate the differences between random audio clips to have them be heard by the listener through a variety of devices at a relatively similar volume. Your best bet is to record your "Mix" at THAT or near that volume to ensure that your recording sounds to the listener as you intended it to sound without creating the extra and unwanted noise.
  5. Preferences, Opinions and Industry Standards. One thing that they have in common is that they change. They change do to innovations, exposure and over exposure, and through new or different information. And none of them are "Right" or "Better" or the only choice. And they provoke or lead to debates between people who have different points of view or who have a certain idea they wish to express. You would hope that differences of opinions would lead to discussions unfortunately in this day people tend to take their opinions as truths and argue an opinion as being right or wrong. Once a debate is started people are arguing their case from their point of view. Make no mistake that a debate is an argument and the argument is about opinions. There is no right or wrong on an opinion. You may try to sway someones opinion by giving another point of view, introduce other information or site other research but none of that proves an opinion right or wrong. Stopping a debate by freezing the thread does make you the "Winner" of the debate or prove your case in any way. I will not be able to respond to any ones response to this until later tonight or tomorrow. It does not mean that I do not wish to discuss this any further.
  6. Any electronic reproduction is fake. Let's face it, the reason that distortion was introduced into the guitar world was because the speakers could not handle the volume levels that guitarists needed. It sounded cool. And Then Amplifier manufacturers introduced circuitry so you could get the distortion without the volume. Fake Loudness? It was not about faking loudness but to get that cool sound without blowing eardrums. Frequency response seems like it should be the issue rather than loudness. The good speaker systems have Woofers, Mid Range speakers and Tweeters. Low frequencies travel farther than High frequencies. Even if you have a "Balanced" sound on the recording it would depend on how far away from the speakers that you are for whether you heard a "Balanced" sound or not.
  7. My first thought about this, matching levels across genres, was on the use in cinema rather than Music. Sure when listening to streamed music or even creating your own play list you would want the volume to be consistent. A big problem in movies or other videos that have background music and dialog is that the supposed "Background" music or effects are much louder than the speaking. The type of speakers you are listening through also have a big effect on the reproduced sound. Something that is mixed using expensive stereo and recording equipment can still end up sounding unbalanced when using standard equipment. This reminds me of the supposed greatness of the Castrati and "Bel Canto" singing. The only examples we have of either one were on old 78 records or Victrolas, maybe a magnetic roller that you crank by hand.... How can you compare any of those old recordings with a singer using the recording equipment of modern day? Of course their singing is going to sound brighter, sharper and seemingly louder than today's singers. There were no bottom end or mid range frequencies in the recording. One of the greatest or most famous names in Blues music is Robert Johnson. We have one group of recordings of him and he is considered the greatest Blues man of all time because of the haunting and soulful sound of his singing that most cannot reproduce with their own voice. No kidding, What people do not realize is that the "Recordings" that we have are played too fast and raises his "Chest" voice pitch and quality into the "Headvoice" range. Slow the songs down to the proper speed and you get a sound that is common among many Blues singers. No magic....No deals with the devil....just a record recorded for a speed of 33 or 45 played at 78.
  8. Sounds pretty good Klint. How about some background on your journey to get to this point?
  9. This is a representation of the harmonic series in spiral form. This should make things perfectly clear. But, perhaps not.
  10. I have listened to these and many others on the subject. Frequency and Rhythm patterns do make a difference. However, The subject matter and the words and phrases, even chords and chord phrases used are more influential on your thinking and emotions than on the tuning of the instruments. Examples, Sex, Drugs and Rock-n-Roll, Beer drinking, Cheating wives and husbands, Trucks, Tractors and Cars in country, Death, Murder, Gangsta life, Materialism... Not to mention all the satan worship going on throughout the genres. \../ Machine gun drums in some or the constant droning of the bass drum in others. Either there is too much going on too fast or little to nothing and too slow and puts you to sleep. Either one can influence your emotions or sense of well being and seep the words into your unconscious mind.
  11. There was no "standard" tuning in the old days. Instruments were tuned to best resonance for the instrument. "Standard" tuning came about so that different musicians from different countries and areas could play together. They had to choose something for that to happen.
  12. Music was "standardized" so musicians from different areas could play together without having to re-tune to each other. This video advises tuning to A=417 as opposed to the A=440. Similar videos would have you tune A= 432. So you would still end up with another dabate on whether A=417 or A=432 should be the "Standard". However, It does seem odd that they chose A=440 when most NON trained male singers have trouble singing the note G4 because that is the frequency where the shift happens between "Chest Voice" or "mouth resonance" and "Head Voice" or "Head Resonance". The Pitch of G4 ends up being "Flat", The voice gets stuck before reaching that particular pitch or You "Flip" into Falsetto. If the tuning were slightly Lower the "Pitch" of G4 would be slightly lower and the "Trouble" could be avoided.
  13. Scales maybe not. Harmonic intervals? yes. In tune with itself? As much as any average singer. Intervals that equate to common Musical phrases.