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  1. Because there is conflicting information, it probably does not make much of a difference for singing. Taking a breath through the nose as in sniffing a flower will raise the soft palate. Breathing through the mouth as in a Yawn will also raise the soft palate.The soft palate and the Larynx are connected through other muscles and somewhat work together. When your larynx drops the soft palate raises and vice versa, when you raise the soft palate the larynx drops. Breathing through the nose will warm and moisturize the air and there is more of a chance of actually taking a deeper breath than breathing through the mouth. The tendency is to take a shallow breath when breathing through the mouth. But, while singing, to breath through the nose you have to block off the oral cavity in some way, this means that you have to change the vocal coordination is some way. while singing there is no need to change anything. Leave the coordination alone and when you stop emitting sound just let the air drop into the lungs. The breath will come through the nose and the mouth.
  2. That was real nice Lucy. Keep up the good work.
  3. MDEW


    Ken Tamplin is a teacher. He has his own forum. This Forum is also run by a singing teacher. Robert Lunte. Yes, Ken is a very good singer and teacher. But, it is not a good idea to advertise another teacher on a website whose owner is himself selling a singing program.
  4. So far I have been working on the finger picking. I have the pattern down pretty good and the chord progression but I have to admit that keeping my fingers out of the way of the open strings during the chords is not working too well. I have not even tried to sing the lead yet, but I have worked on the lower harmony. I was also waiting for someone to post a backing track just to see if they would use the studio version or one of the live versions. Live tends to be longer with more time for instrumentals and even extra choruses and verses. Otherwise, yes I am still working on this.
  5. Bop shit, He was talking about whistle voice. Not full on singing.
  6. Let's just say that I have noticed that there seems to some sort of training exercises going on at or around the same time and place as live events such as 911 and the subway bombing in England. Quite a coincidence. There were other "training exercises" held around october of last year. Another coincidence I imagine.
  7. "stay safe and stay Healthy" is a general statement for all, whatever their personal opinion about things. Some people get freeked out by the thought of any germ let alone one that spreads quickly. I have my own thoughts that mainstream media would attack me for so I will keep them to myself for now. As for the song for Adolf, I started working on it right away. I have to admit that I had not worked on that song before and whether my attempts will be worthy of a recording I would still be willing to make a contribution to the affort.
  8. Good to see that both of you are still around. God bless, Stay safe and stay healthy.
  9. What I said before applies to everyone who sings. No matter the level. The top people still do those exercises to keep their voice under control. Without music behind you, you sound good. Having music to sing to will help you stay on pitch. That is not saying that your pitch is bad, it is just saying that it can be better. Singing uses different vowels than speaking. The different vowels will change the shape of the throat and help to be consistent in pitch and tone. The shape of the throat helps to sing the higher notes also. This is the reason for the practicing and paying attention to how we sound and trying different things with our voice to refine the way we sound.
  10. No, I only saw the last post where you asked Any thoughts. That was a general response to the melodyne post I made. I will listen to your links and give an honest opinion.
  11. Sure, I have thoughts. One thing that comes to mind, now that there are several big named musicians that are self confined or on lockdown do to corona some of them are taking to youtube to get rid of their boredom. I have watched a few and one thing that they stress to get to their level was the practicing. No one was born with any ability for anything. You learn through trial, error and adjustment. One person happened to be someone known for his speed in playing guitar riffs, shredding. He would practice a simple 6 note riff for hours. It had nothing to do with being musical. It had to do with conditioning the muscles, muscle memory and tweaking technique. For some reason people think you are just born with the ability to sing on pitch and with good tone or you are doomed to sound terrible. Singers need to practice and learn and condition muscles and form muscle memory just like any other person learning how to play an instrument. It can get boring and monotonous and can drive your family up the wall, but it is worth it in the end.
  12. I learned how to play guitar mostly from learning some of Johns songs, Jim Croce and James Taylor. The songs are simple enough to figure out yourself and interesting enough that you can play them over and over again without getting bored. Plus, if you are singing a song that makes people laugh you can get away with not sounding too good. Either John's sense of humor is similar to mine or l gained my sense of humor by listening to him. Lyrics like " I knew a girl that was almost a lady" and "she won't let me live with her, and she makes me live in my head", helps to give you a new way to express things.
  13. It is sad to say and hear that we have lost another great singer, songwriter and friend. John Prine passed do to complications of the corona virus. John was not in the greatest of health to begin with and the added stress of the virus became too much for his body to handle. If you have heard John singing you may wonder why he would be brought up in a Vocalists forum. From a singers standpoint he was not the best of singers and his voice did not have any special characteristics. His songs are simple, uncomplicated and lack any technical flare. When he sings and writes it is as if he were having a conversation with his best friend. That is the very reason why his songs are special, why he has had a career in music from the time he took a dare on an open mike night at a local pub and captured the hearts of many people around the world. He sings like he is singing to family, he is engaging, funny and he makes you think a little bit. You do not have to be the best singer with the highest notes or the most complicated vocal runs with the perfect intonation , tone and vibrato to be a good singer or entertainer. You just need to have something to say and someone to say it to and communicate the message.
  14. Sounds real good to me. The hard work is paying off.
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