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  1. MDEW

    I can't make you love me(George Michael)

    I also gave this one a shot. More of a twist on Bonnie Rait meets John Prine (and they did meet. John Prine and Bonnie recorded "Angel From Montgomery".) Written by John and Made Bonnie Rait famous.
  2. Hey Jarom, What's up? Sounds pretty good to me, but I like happy little tunes. Kind of sounds like something from the early 70's. Like John Sebastian or Randy Newman. Cool.
  3. MDEW

    I can't make you love me(George Michael)

    Wow... Welcome back Aravindmadis. Good to hear that you are still singing and sounding so good.
  4. MDEW

    To old to become a pro?

    Fortunately my parents were singing 20 years before I was born so learned while a fetus. Unfortunately I could not hear so good because of bad acoustics and the muffled sound coming through the tissue of my mothers abdomen so I had to get the pitch thing taken care of on my own.
  5. Lord, That is part of what led to this post. If you do not know how to tell if you are breathy or not or you do not know "How" to use call mode or any other type of voice production you can struggle for years thinking you are doing everything right and you still cannot make gains. Sometimes it takes someone else to listen to you to know whether you are actually in "Call Mode" or if you are trying to add too much air to get "Louder". It is not just saying "HEY" as loud as you can that puts you in call mode.
  6. This is really a great post G. So many people struggle for years to reach their goal or just to maintain a melody in some pleasing form. I feel your pain and frustration from trying new ideas on your own or following tips from youtube. Sure you can make gains and learn a few things but getting proper instruction from someone who has gone through the steps and came out the other side with a voice that they can be proud of and truly feel like they have something to offer to the listener instead of just wondering if they sound ok is a totally different experience.
  7. To me, the important thing is having a message and being able to express that message in a way that is pleasing to the ears and conveys the meaning of the message.
  8. MDEW

    Best vocal course

    The founder of this forum has a Vocal course. It surprises me that people will ask on this forum which course is best and list many courses and their founders without mentioning Robert Lunte and his "Four Pillars of Singing". Regardless of whatever reason you have to not included "The Four Pillars of Singing " or "TVS" It is still the most comprehensive course and gives you the best bang for the buck.
  9. MDEW

    Hoarseness disappears when singing

    I am not a doctor or teacher. But I now have the same problem and have determined that when I sing I use better support and airflow and the pitch range sits higher. I have always talked low and the very bottom of my singing range. To speak loud enough for others to hear me I use too much air and more cord closure to maintain what I have become used to as my speaking voice. When I remember to speak "Higher" and use good breath support the hoarseness goes away or does not occur. I speak around G2 to A2. The songs I sing usually sit between D3 and D4.
  10. MDEW

    Songs that do not suit my voice

    Although music is structured.....what is perceived as music is subjective. In other words....What sounds good to one person, may sound bad to another. And what sounds bad to one may sound good to another. Without hearing you there is no way to know what the problem is, if there is one. He may just be the kind of person who expects an exact match of tone, delivery and expression of the original(or current) singer of the song in question. Try to imagine Elvis Presley singing an ACDC song or Brian Johnson singing an Elvis tune....Even if they are singing the same melody with the same pitches....chances are good that without some kind of change in the background music neither one will have a voice suitable for the others type of songs. At least not until someone hears them sing the song without having first heard the other.......It could turn into a new Genre of music.
  11. MDEW

    Singing along with basslines

    If you are singing an already established song......The melody would not change just because you are now singing to a bass line. The Bass line would be using notes that represent the chords and chord pattern. A bass line is not normally a copy of the sung melody. Are you now ONLY singing to a bass line? or are you adding a bass to another form of accompaniment like guitar or keyboard?
  12. I sent a message in the personal message section. If you cannot download MP3s let me know. I will try to upload them to soundcloud or something. Robert, You can listen also if you want.
  13. MDEW

    Singing sounds so bland

    Hi Austin. Welcome to the forum. First do have a pleasant sounding voice. I want to make that clear to you. Your voice sounds flat and boring because you are not putting energy into it. When we do practice and do exercises, we are supposed to be paying attention to what works for us and what we have to change to make the exercises work and then apply them to our singing. The exercises do not magically change our sound....we do things on purpose. Like if we keep singing flat on certain words we find out why and change how we sing those words so they are not flat anymore.
  14. That is a good way of thinking about things. Before I found out about "TheFourPillarsof Singing", The other books and videos I found made me think you were not supposed to "Do" anything other than use support and let your throat relax. Whatever sound came out is what you had to work with. Anything else was manipulation,and manipulation is bad. At the same time these teachers were saying things like "Bring the voice forward" "Sing in the mask" "Add Twang" "Tilt the larynx" "Raise the soft palate"..... I was trying to "Let these things happen" without "Doing" anything. With "TheFourPillars" Robert would run through the coordinations......"Hum on an EE sound"...."Open to "EH" while keeping the Twang of "EE"" "Dampen the larynx"..... Not only were you ALLOWED to DO were supposed to and instructed on HOW to make that sound.. Of course, these are extreme sounds and what you use for Exercising. But they also teach you how to control the amount you are using and HOW to dial in more or less of the effect. I was also under the impression that if you used one effect you wouldn't be able to use another or the one prevented the other from happening......Like if you were adding "Twang" you could not also "Sob". But, as you show in your Effects box, these are different controls that are controlled by separate actions of the voice box and vocal tract. I guess if I keep on there is a danger of your head exploding again...... I am still trying to fit the time to record, soon I hope. I will send you an Mp3 of my progress plus a recording I made of "Honesty" about 10 years ago. You can let me know if I have improved or lost focus over the last few years.....No pun intended but be honest in your evaluation.......I can take criticism, especially when improvement is the goal.
  15. MDEW

    From the living room to the stage

    What you use to gauge your pitch by could sound sharper or flatter to you. At the very least it will sound different. How many band members are there? What are the instruments and how are they arranged? How big is the room you are performing in? If you get your pitch cue from the guitar and you are on one side of the stage and the guitar is on the other side of the stage....You may not be hearing the guitar from the source but after the sound returns from the walls of the room. When that is the case the sound you are adjusting to is flat compared to someone who is standing in front of the guitars amplifier. No matter what the actual cause.....rehearsal in a full band live environment is the answer. At the very least you can track down the problem and do the appropriate.adjustments. Small room acoustics are far different than open hall filled with people....or in some cases empty halls. Whether it is energy dynamics on the part of inexperienced singers or a proximity problem(not hearing the music from the source) or not being used to hearing your voice from the PA, muscle memory needs to be adjusted for those also. Even if you are doing a separate vocal practice without the full band....use microphones and Stand as you would when performing live. Get the singers used to hearing your voices through the pa system. The sound is different when you hear it from an outside source than it does with only your ears.