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  1. If I ever make it across the pond I will look you up and we will sing a duo....Elvis and Willy(nelson that is}. "You were always on my mind". They both had hits with that song. Maybe a Beatles tune would be better. Just like John and Paul. We can work it out. I am not going to sing "Its raining men" sorry that one is out.
  2. Haven't you heard? Jesus returning in a UFO is the holographic trick by the illuminarty to fool you. The real Jesus comes after the trick of the fake Jesus taking control. UFO jesus is anticrist.
  3. Because it sounded like he was trying to sing the high notes but got stuck so he sang notes that were still in key but lower than the melody. If he gives himself the permission to flip "Into Falsetto" he will get used to singing the correct notes. As he gets used to it his voice will get stronger and he will be able to make those notes sound better.
  4. For this song, I would say slow it down a little and relax a little more. If you were trying to sing the melody like Elton used to with the high parts on "Hold me closer tiny dancer" "Count the headlights on the highway", Go ahead and sing "Hold me closer" and "Count the headlights" in a falsetto voice until you get used to it. Otherwise your voice did not sound too bad in my opinion.
  5. I agree that it is a shady practice to alter video and audio files to trick people into thinking your product or even just your opinion is better than someone else's or to convince someone that you are right and they are wrong. That is a given. It is deceptive and unethical and somewhat immoral. I do not like that channel or his ideas of what "Sounds" better and why. I do like some of your ideas and need to watch some more of your videos to see what you are promoting as a better technique or your ideas of why another technique works or does not work. So far just to find out what your beef is with the other guy I have watched 5 or 6 of his videos(I will not watch any more) and only 2 or 3 of yours. I am not trying to give any impression that I am in your caliber at all. I am a student of voice with problems and opinions and questions. If I were aspiring to be an opera singer I would not look to youtube for help. Opera is a highly advanced art and the differences in sound that are being pointed out here are beyond the basic skill set. People get pissed off here if you just let them know they were singing flat throughout the song let alone that they had no fullness of sound or too bright, light or dark and heavy. To most contemporary singers that kind of thing is nitpicky and unimportant. In Opera the sound ideals and vocal techniques are more precise and with the subjective tastes in music it is inevitable that differences of opinions will be stronger in that field and that given the technical difficulties that arise from such precision those who have achieved some success will have stronger opinions(to the point of knowing) of what is "Right" and what is "Wrong". And yes, absolutely, in the field of Classical singing and Opera performances, the teacher NEEDS to have valid qualification and a strict standard should be in place. However, in the world outside of opera and classical singing just having someone who can get a new singer through the passaggio with a half decent sound is qualification enough for beginners who ascribe to be singing in the local pub. Once you get to the point of recording your band and making CDs you may look for a better teacher or the recording company will suggest one.
  6. What is worse is that those crazy guys who got banned from the science forums are the ones doing the experiments. Who else would play with retroviruses?
  7. That point can also be debated. When you search for content and what you get is someone elses' idea of what you are searching for based on how much they paid for advertising or the amount of "Tags" provided on the content, you can not find the information that "YOU" are looking for. After you click on a video and find out it is garbage, because you "Clicked" on this video you are swamped with more of the same type. This not only happens with Youtube but because you searched for something on Google or made a comment on Facebook you end up getting Youtube suggestions based on those other searches or comments. They are not independent from each other. I did a search on google for swimming pool parts, my youtube channel had suggestions for working on a pool. I searched for guitar parts and all the ads for a few days were about guitar parts. Sometimes the suggested videos have nothing to do with what you were looking for. If I am searching for "Singing tips" and that is what is in the search box, why do I get suggested videos on working on a guitar? That is not what I asked for this time. So the suggested videos may not even have to do with what you were searching for. The "Standards" are being driven by the algorithms installed in the search engines not the actual viewer preferences.
  8. Advertisers and corporations not to mention thought police and people using it to shape public opinion. Just like network TV. On every video I watch from whatever source, I have advertisement on "Superior singing". In my opinion(there is that word again) the superior singing thing is just as bad as the Opera parody site that the OP has a problem with. If I am watching a teaching video from Robert Lunte, why am I seeing advertisement for this scam and spam outfit? My advice for the OP is to forget about drawing more attention to "This is Opera" the only thing it is doing is giving "this is Opera" more traffic on his channel because there are other people who still like the type of content he is providing whether he is right or wrong. And there seems to be more videos about "This is Opera" than there are about singing itself on the OPs channel. Yes, this guy got under your skin but focus on your own technique and let the other fail on his own. Mention to people the type of videos to ignore if you want help direct people to "Real" teachers or helpful videos, but do not name names when warning about the type of videos to ignore. I have seen too many Youtube channels that were started just to troll other youtubers because they did not agree with that certain channel. Some as stupid as arguing over tonewood for electric guitars. An All out war over something that makes no difference in an electric guitar. The type of string you use makes more of a difference. Another channel that was started to troll a guitar repair man just because he will use tight bond on guitar repair rather than the "Standard" of hide glue. Oh the horror of that.......And there was nothing else on these channels other that dissing the other Youtuber.
  9. "Most people would simply replace "TO" by "I". How TO... ----------> HOW I... " That would be a way to present a video or your idea. What we are talking about here are the ones who say "HOW TO" because they are presenting their case as the one correct way and the other way is wrong. Not presenting it as opinion. And for the record....If I was interested in looking for an opera teacher and searching youtube for a qualified teacher....if I ran across "This is Opera" s channel.....I would believe that it was a parody or satire channel. Not a serious one. I have run across other channels that their idea of "Fun" is to make the most rediculous statements or videos and present them as real to see who falls for it. And many do. I saw one video about support and the guy was sitting on a chair and saying you have to brace your self on the chair and yell as loud as can while holding your breath.... whatever. It was obviously a joke. Many people made comments about the videos thinking this guy was serious and others had to explain that it was a parody video. Another video showed a guy demonstrating his vocal abilities and at the F4 point the rest of the notes were F4 while he was saying F#4, G4, G#4 on and on until he finally flipped into falsetto and continued B4, C5 etc while the note was actuall A4 in falsetto the whole time....another obvious parody but people thought he was serious and that he really believed he was singing the notes that he was calling out. Parody is another thing that is allowed on youtube and it is not required that you announce that it is a parody.
  10. " I freely admit that I am no teacher. I have admitted that several times. I also do like the fact that people who are just starting themselves end up making "How to" videos on youtube and such or "Giving Lessons"." I have to edit my post above and have it known that I made TYPING mistake. I do NOT like the fact that people who are just starting themselves end up making "HOW TO " videos.
  11. I do apologize to you. I know what I wrote sounded confrontational but it was not meant that way. It was only to make a point. The point being that even those other coaches/ teachers who give advice claim credibility. I do not want to dominate any of the conversations on here I want to learn from qualified people just like any other singer who is searching this forum or looking through Youtube videos. The only people who have been contributing to any of the conversations here for the last 4 or 5 months have been Me, Troll-1(who goes by many names), Felipe and kicking tone. Sure there are others who will post questions that they have like "Do I sound good" " am I a Baritone or a Tenor" and maybe you will get comments like "sure, you sound good" or "You were off pitch a little" But no one to give suggestions like how to improve. I keep commenting on posts because I want this forum to grow again and be like it was when there were many Teachers, coaches and those wanting to grow in their own knowledge and performance discussing different views and ideas. I freely admit that I am no teacher. I have admitted that several times. I also do NOT like the fact that people who are just starting themselves end up making "How to" videos on youtube and such or "Giving Lessons". Youtube is not a place to find credible anything. Neither is Facebook or twitter or any other social media site. The whole idea of youtube is for random people to make videos about anything they want to make videos about whether they have credibility or not and have a platform to give their ideas or opinions or display whatever talent they have or do not have. It is not a place that you have to have any qualifications for anything before posting a video. You do have a little more control on forums, but even then if you do try to keep a level of credibility you end up getting people pissed off because they were "Censored" or their freedom of speech was hindered in some way. I was typing this before Felipes' Comment. Just to let others know it was not his statement that led my response or apology.
  12. So, you were trying to pitch your idea to other teachers and found out the other teachers were not legit? And you have online teaching yourself ? What are your credentials? These questions I ask because I am genuinely interested in "New" concepts. Not because I am doubting you. Like any other teacher out there I need to find out for myself. The problem is that no one, other than different teachers or actual Opera singers who are really on stage now and getting paid and recognition would know if your technique is legit or not. At least no more than anyone else on youtube. And you do have the usual infighting between different coaches, different styles and different approaches to just about anything. Like I have said before, in this day and age, if you have any kind of opinion at all you will have people debating with you. About Robert, His particular style of singing should have nothing to do with his teaching method or the legitimacy of his course. You have genres. Each one of these genres have there own sound and tone that is vastly different. And you have major teachers who have been training or coaching members of each genre but within the genres the singers sound alike. I cannot say all but MOST country singers sound alike. Most POP singers sound alike and MOST metal singers sound alike. It comes from who THEIR vocal heroes were and the expectation of the genre. Robert even mentions that the singers he was influenced by had a reputation for being "Yarl" singers. This particular group had that style to their singing. Pop singers end up sounding like Back street boys clones and Male Country singers end up having that Garth Brooks sound. And all Opera singers sound alike to me. Sure when you are really familiar with a genre each singer sounds different but when you are not within the group you can hear the stereo type. Just from the people who were on this forum about 5 years ago or so you have at least 10 of them have their own teaching videos on youtube. Each one of them debated with the others on different points on just about everything and they were all correct just arguing from a different side of the coin so to speak. One was a support guy another was a vowel guy and another was a SLS guy and another was a Appoggio guy and another a cord closure guy, let alone the top down or bottom up debate. And all of them are very good singers who have their own sound that you could pick apart if you wanted to.
  13. Man, get a freakin' grip. Your common sense is out the window. You keep talkin' about other people and they have to be full of bullox because you cannot understand what the heck they are trying to tell you. This kind of crap is not going to be in any training course because a training course is just to get your voice strong and useful. HOW you use it is your problem. A training course is not for a specific style of music, or a particular "Vibe". you are supposed to adapt the training to the singing. Those quacks you keep talking about are right. maybe you will not be a better singer. It is not because the course cannot make your voice better but because YOU will not listen. That is fine. If you want keep being a troll and call people names like a child would do, go ahead. You are the one that is losing. Good luck.
  14. What are you singing and what results are you looking for. Yes, there are shady people out there and there are those who are trying to help. The problem with "Teaching" how to sing or sing better is that you need to train and pay attention to your own voice. People think this is BS. People think that all you have to do is open your mouth and beauty will come out or someone can say one thing and boom you are a star. That is the BS. Robert Lunte's The Vocalist Studio is a program that gets results. Ken Tamplin has a program that gets results. SLS and Speech level gets results. BUT, you have to put in the work. You have to pay attention, and YOU have to do the exercises and discover how your voice works. And if you judge any of them without giving the time needed you are doing them a dis service. Another problem is that 90% of the advice given in youtube videos are correct(because it is mostly the same thing.( correct breathing, lip bubbles and twang) and will lead to better vocals if followed through. But you can only get a piece of the puzzle because there are many different factors and these factors either work for you or against you and mostly they work against you.
  15. We are not talking about the guitar, How you sing this and your delivery of the song is the problem. You are not thinking about what the words are saying and there is no point to the song if you do not give it the meaning. Without even listening to the words you can tell by the sound of Elvis' voice that he is frustrated and demanding the girl to take action. His voice is strong and firm. Using the type of tone that a person would use when reprimanding a spoiled child. It is not weak and whiney, like he is begging or pleading. It is not airy like he is whispering, and it is not shrill and shaky like he lacks confidence. He knows what he wants and wants it now. Not later. He is not asking her to maybe think about coming over later. He is TELLING her. Stop talking, stop beating around the bush, Satisfy me.