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  1. Maybe you need a breathing workout routine so that lower breathing eventually becomes second nature. If you're looking for breathing exercises, you can get "The Ultimate Breathing Workout" by Jaime Vendera. It has 9 main exercises and 3 bonus exercises. Each exercise has a different purpose and works on different aspects of low breathing. Here's a clip of the author singing a note for over 30 seconds: From your pic, you look like a fit person. So, if you're lifting weights or do any other exercise, use lower breathing while you're exercising. For how to tell if you're doing low breathing, go to 3:45 in this video:
  2. "The Voice Book" by Kate Devore gives the following reasons for why lower breathing is better. ( • Lungs are pear shaped (bigger at the bottom than at the top). There are more air sacs in the lower lungs, thus more room for air than in the upper lungs. • The lower rib cage has more expandability than the upper rib cage because of the floating ribs and the flexible cartilage. It can therefore create more space for air. • The lungs expand primarily in a downward direction when they inflate. • When the diaphragm (the floor of the thorax) contracts, it lowers and flattens. It also pushes the abdominal contents down and out, giving the impression of “breathing into the stomach.” The belly is designed to soften, allowing for this expansion. This makes room for the lower lungs to expand more than the upper lungs. • Expanding the upper thorax involves using the chest, shoulder, neck, and jaw muscles to try to lift the entire upper rib cage, resulting in a minuscule amount of room for the tiny upper lungs to expand. • The back muscles over the kidneys are able to give slightly when the diaphragm lowers. Therefore, when one breathes deeply, the lower lungs are able to expand in all directions.
  3. The executive producer for American Idol (I think his name is Nigel Lythgoe) had a show last year called "Opening Act.". Each episode they searched Youtube for singers to open for a famous band/singer. It covered all different genres. They had a roundtable discussion from people in the music industry to narrow down the choices every week and then voted. The winner was given a short time to prepare. The end of the episode was the opening act itself. I thought it was an interesting idea. But yeah, at the end of the day these shows are promotional opportunities for singers that want to get a record deal. Even if you don't win, if you impressed enough people, you might get phone calls from record executives. And even if you do get a record deal, you'll get ripped off since everyone gets their share of the money before the artist sees anything. I think I read somewhere that an artist's album needs to go gold before the artist starts getting any money at all. So if you don't at least go gold, you don't make any money as an artist :(
  4. American Idol is so bad this season it's not even funny. While one person is talking, the other judges are texting on their phones while on the air. Just a few seconds ago, you can clearly seeing 2 judges only paying attention to their phones. Yes. I missed Gabe too. He actually left a note when he was eliminated. But then again, we're talking about a show that crowned Phillip Phillips as the winner. I'd say Phillip was clearly outclassed by the other 2 finalists. Another issue is that American Idol has to have the songs cleared by the original composer before it can be performed on the air. I wonder if it's more difficult to clear R&B songs that rock songs.
  5. The runner-up on "The Voice" last season was a Scottish rock singer (Terry McDermott). Straight, classic rock. And his voice was incredible.
  6. Only one month of vocal lessons and you figure your voice is good enough?! Also, I don't even know why you're messing with autotune at this point. Anyway, there are smartphone/tablet apps that tell you what note you are singing. I use "eTuner" for iphone/ipad/Mac OSX, but there are tons of other apps. It looks like this: I connect a USB mic to my Macbook or iphone/ipad and sing into it. eTuner tells you if you're too high or low. So maybe you're pitch is almost there, but a little sharp or flat. You've only had lessons for a month and have a long way to go. So it's not like you're going to sound amazing overnight. Many singers don't even like their voice. I would look for another teacher if I were you. Someone that jives with you. You might need some ear training. Or maybe Solfege. You could try these 2 books:
  7. After seeing American Idol tank so much this season and X-factor turning into a bad drama showcase, I was happy with first couple of episodes of the Voice this week. One of the episodes of American Idol this year had the worst ratings for American Idol in over a decade (OUCH!). Also, the groups on X-Factor are a joke compared to NBC's Sing-Off. Some incredible talent this year on the Voice: Some people say that it's a little unfair for Judith Hill to join the show. She was picked to be backup singer for Michael Jackson on his "This is it" tour. She got a ton of offers after singing at MJ's funeral service, but decided not to pursue them because she believe it was bad taste. I don't blame her Also, if you don't know already, NBC's acapella competition ("The Sing-Off") was recently renewed (after being cancelled last year). Apparently, there are returning to their Season 1 and 2 format Anyway, just wanted to know what you guys this of the vocal technique from contestants on The Voice so far. I've read that some people think Kris Thomas performance was a bit too pitchy, but that it's rare to see a male sing a Whitney Houston song like he did. Judith seemed like she was holding back and has lots more potential. She looked a little like Tina Turner in that outfit. Christian Porter reminds me of a better Phillip Phillips.
  8. This guy might have the range of Bruno Mars. When the judges turned around, they were shocked that it was a guy and commented on his crazy vocal range. I've never heard a guy sing a Whitney Houston song like this so effortlessly.
  9. I don't know if you watch NBC's "The Voice", but Vedo auditioned tonight and made it!
  10. Is it the vodka? Anyway, keep in mind that karaoke videos are often not in the original key. Sometimes the chords aren't even right. It can throw people off sometimes.
  11. To check your nasality, pinch your nose when you sing. If your nose vibrates, then you are nasal. Try to find a way to make your nose NOT vibrate.
  12. If there's one singer who I often hear has poor technique, it's Alicia Keys. Alicia has always been accused of terrible vocal technique and suffered vocal damaged early in her career. Apparently, she no longer sounds the same live. On top of bad vocal technique, I think she's a terrible actor in her music videos. She definitely would benefit from an acting coach. If she already has one, he/she needs to be fired. I think songwriting is her strongest point. Her minimalistic approach always manages to be emotional and catchy. Also, Seth Riggs (MJ's vocal coach) often praises Jennifer Hudson for her technique. In this video tribute to Aretha Franklin, Seth Riggs claims that only Jennifer Hudson had good technique. The other singers were Christina Aguilera, Yoland Adams, Martina McBride and Florence.
  13. There's an app called "Singer's Mate" for iPhone and iPad. You can import sheet music in MusicXML. Nearly all modern music notation programs can export to MusicXML (Finale, Sibelius,Musescore, etc). I like to use MuseScore because it's free. Learn how to type up sheet music and important them into Singer's Mate. Sing into a mic and it'll show your pitch as the song is playing. The software is only meant for the singer's melody. Homepage: