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  1. I've got this slight problem with my voice, and thought I'd get your guys opinions on it. Basically, as the title states, I can't find my falsetto. It's been this way for 5 years maybe? I think this whole thing started after I caught a particulary bad flu. The rest of my voice is perfectly fine and I have no problems getting into "head voice", but when I try to get into falsetto I crack and go into head voice instead. Sometimes trying falsetto even hurts. The only time I can sing stuff in falsetto is after a long gig or practice session. What's the deal? This hasn't bothered me for the longest time but I've been starting to feel as if there's this whole part of my voice I can't seem to unlock. Is this a matter of persistent vocal training or is there something wrong with my vocal cords? Thanks a lot in advance!
  2. Hey, thanks a lot for taking the time to do all this. Let me rephrase that falsetto part. It's not that I don't LIKE to use falsetto in my performance but I don't particularly NEED to use falsetto. If I could maintain my ability to sing in falsetto for a whole show I might have some use for it, e.g. to use it as an effect. If I never learn how to maintain falsetto for an hour I'll be a bit bummed but it won't be the end of the world for me. The reason I'm asking is because I was just wondering whether it's normal or not and should I be concerned. And the thing about belting is that I don't really like the tone of my voice when it's not belty at the moment. But I'd love to learn how to sing without belt and not sound breathy and thin. Oh, and I've got another question: I usually don't have problems with strain except for when I'm recording in a studio. Has anybody got any experience with this? It's some sort of psychological thing, isn't it? Any ideas on how to control my nerves/what ever is that's causing me to strain? The reason I'm asking is that I just got back from recording my bands first EP and I had some trouble controlling vibrato (caused by tension/vocal weight(?)) but it got better after awhile, probably due to me relaxing a bit more. Thanks!
  3. I've got a couple questions, again. I didn't want to start 4 new threads so I thought I'd sum it all up into one. Here it go's: 1. Why do I always lose my ability to use falsetto during live performances? I don't particularly use falsetto but I always notice that for about 10 min. after a show my falsetto is totally non-existant. Why is that? Could I be straining and not noticing it my self? When singing live I never feel any sort of pain in my throat. Before I used to get really dried out during a show but I found that sipping citrus juice help me keep my vocal folds moistened. 2. This one is kinda related to the one above but after a gig my voice sounds a little different. It's not something I physically "feel" cause I wear earplugs during gigs and I never even notice anything strange before I take my earplugs out and hear my voice. Is this normal? I always warm up before gigs and almost always remember to warm down. After warming down my voice starts sounding normal again. 3. I'm sort of a belt-type singer and I don't really like the tone of my voice when not belting. How do I improve that? Like, whenever I sing softly all the high notes sound thin and a little breathy. High notes sound falsetto-esque but without that Bee Gees, Justing Hawkins hooty tone. 4. Explain twang to me. I know there are probably hundreds of threads out there on the topic but I'm still not sure what it actually is. Is it the same as singing with a nasal quality? No? Thanks!
  4. For what its worth, I've got a friend, and even though he's had no vocal training whatsoever, he can hit a B6 in whistle register without breaking a sweat. I guess some are just born with it while others have to work for it.
  5. Just tried sleeping a night with my head elevated and the difference was huge! Singing feel good for the first time in a week! Thanks a lot guys!
  6. For a couple of weeks now I've started getting this weird sensation in my throat after sometimes after singing. It feels kinda like I have thick mucus or something else stuck at the "root of my tongue" (or whatever it's called). At first I though it was just a flu but after it didn't go away in a week I made an appointment the see a ENT to make sure I don't have nodes or anything like that. The doctor didn't find anything and in his words my vocal folds looked "100 % healthy". He did point out that I might have acid reflux and gave me some advice on that. Anyway, what ever it was it when away after a week or so.... But now I think it's coming back. Whenever I vocalize I feel the same lump in my throat! I'm beginning to think that I might get acid reflux during the night, even thought I don't feel anything "wrong" in the morning. What should do now? I know most of you guys aren't doctors but has anybody have any personal experience with acid reflux and how to deal with it?
  7. Yeah we've mostly been working on support and I think I've pretty much got it down. The way I know is that I'm not straining anymore and I have a lot better tone on the high notes(even though my teacher never teaches me anything about sing high..). My teachers a she, and she's a good singer and all that but I'm not sure that I'd like have the same kinda tone as her, mostly because I sing in a rock band and not an aspiring operatic tenor or anything like that... But I've pretty much come to the conclusion that I'm gonna find a teacher better suited for my style anyway.
  8. Okay, cool thanks! I'll keep working on those "oo"'s What everyone else? Have any tips you could give me on the points I mentioned above? I'd really appreciate it. Thanks
  9. So I've been practicing singing for a while now and I've noticed that I can access my head voice a lot better on certain vowels. I can get into head voice with pretty much any vowel but while vocalizing with a U sound(U as in You) it sound much more "pleasant". And with a vowel like an A (A as in Alphabet) it sounds and feels a bit tense. I can also hear a little bit of unintentional vocal fry while vocalizing on an A sound. What kind of exercises should I be doing to smooth out my head voice on all vowels and get rid tension? I've also got another thing I want to ask you guys. I'm in my high schools choir (I'm a tenor) and we've got some semi-high lines (topping at F4). I've been having a real hard time trying to sing those notes without getting too loud. It's not like I have to shout the notes out or anything it's just that most of those high notes have to be sung really quietly. Any tips or exercises you guys would like to share to make me be able to sing high notes quietly without sounding thin. Last but not least I've been going to this classical singing teacher for nearly a mouth now but I can't really see any progress. My teacher, being classically trained and all that, is in to the whole "sounding like your singing in one register no matter how high or low"-thing. Because of that all we really do is sing a couple of warm ups and after that we sing some songs a couple times that never to any higher than Eb4. I don't think that that method of teaching is really practical for me cause I also sing in a band and my highest parts are usually around Ab4-Bb4. I think I need to find a teacher who could teach me stuff I could apply to my singing from the get-go. But at the same time I'll probably get something useful out of classical singing if I just carry on like this... What do you guys think?
  10. Yeah, thanks guys, it was actually a false alarm, I got my voice back in about 15-30 minutes after drinking a ton of water and doing those high volume, high pitch shouts a little. I did "lose" it again later that evening but the next morning it was all good. I guess it was just my vocal folds being lazy.
  11. So there I was watching the TV and I felt like vocalizing a bit. But when doing that I noticed that I've lost my ability to sing high notes! Before I could sing a C5 easily, but now when I attempt to hit any high note I just slip into this weird register. It "feels" like falsetto but doesn't have that airy sound. Is it possible to lose your voice out of the blue, without feeling any pain of discomfort? I haven't really warmed up today, but I've done some light vocalizing a couple of hours ago. What's going on?! I just had a warm cup of green tea with honey and after that I could sing an C5 very quietly without slipping into that weird falsetto-esque register. Should I go see a doctor or something? Thanks
  12. Got it, thanks. I'm gonna follow all your advice and start practicing more with scales and start focusing more on my overall voice. I've actually been singing from about 6 pm today till now (=about 7 hours in total). Not non-stop though.. I'm going to try and remember to post back an update in a week or two and see if I've made any progress.. Can't wait....
  13. Thanks for all the responses. I've gotta couple of questions : Elrathion: Firstoff, your chest voice. In the clip you are digging into maybe 5-10% of your voice AT best. This might not currently make sense to you, but it will dawn to you over time. This chest voice builds a foundation for the high notes, if done correctly. If you get enough grounding in your chest voice (enough, not too much), your larynx won't feel pushed to rise, and it will naturally thin out some to allow head voice musculature to come in. Okay, I hear you but could you clarify what you mean by digging in? Sing with more volume, focus more on singing from my diaphragm? I get that you're telling me not to focus on the terminology, but I can't help it Also, how do I develop a better chest voice? Just by singing scales over and over again? Or is there something I can do sometimes as an alternative? Again, thanks a lot for the responses, maybe now I can start really taking control over my voice.
  14. Just found out I could use my Mac's internal mic and record via soundcloud! So, here it is.... It's a bit rough, but gimme a break It's 12:15 pm here and I've got to go to work tomorrow morning http://soundcloud.com/ozone123/0910919291293128412749124912-1 Those high notes sound really embarrassing and thin But what the hell, what you've gotta do is what you've gotta do.... So are those in my chest voice or mix. There're definitely not in my head voice because I can't transition from chest to head without a break in my voice yet :|
  15. Don't have any software or hardware for that ..... But I'll try to put something together tomorrow. I'm not doubting you or anything cause you obviously have more experience than me , but is in necessary to have a clip of me singing in head voice? Also, if I can manage to record something what should I do? Sing some scales or just show you the high notes?