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  1. Yes, the vast majority of the male population doesn't sing and its very highly possible if they did, a Bruno Mars type tessitura will be rare. You choose to blame teachers for most males not having a Bruno Mars type tessitura and state "Just about any male singer who works with someone who is a REAL voice teacher, can and will learn how to hit A4 just as consistently as Bruno Mars.". You do realize thats an opinion right? Maybe some will and maybe some wont but its quite highly possible to have tessituras like Bruno, you had to be born with it. Thats an opinion too from me but I do know
  2. With all do respect it is extraordinary because almost the whole male population cant do what Bruno Mars does. Look at "Locked Out Of Heaven", in that song Bruno is singing whole verses at A4.... A freaking 4!!!!!!! Thats just freak of nature stuff right there. Most males train their damn whole careers to consistently have an A4 as an effect note while Bruno Mars is just chilling at A4 doing whole verses. Ridiculous if you ask me. Bruno a straight freak of nature, dude is singing verses here live at A FREAKIN 4!!!
  3. Thing is Jens most if not all cant do it and as a matter of fact Dave Brooks(former Brett Manning colleague) says it cant be done. Also in my other thread I ask if anybody can sing in a higher key such as Bruno Mars consistently yet not one was ever able to do it for a whole song or show that they can do it for a whole song if they claimed it.
  4. Yup thats what I'm talking about. Guys always talk about range alot but in the context of hitting high notes for effect or a few high notes for the chorus but they almost never talk about it in the context of being able to stay in a high key consistently. Bruno Mars is one mainstream artist that I know has that ability and some one Russian dude also(I know that seems pretty general but I dont know his name). Like I said I can careless about hitting a G5, I rather sing consistently the "money notes".
  5. LOL yup but seems to me most people if not all are getting higher notes but still cant often raise the key where they sing at. Why is that?
  6. This is just me but I dont really care if I can ever hit a G5,A5, etc. What I would really want is to be able to sing BUT sing in a higher key consistently. Alot of people always comment and talk about expanding your range and it seems to me they are talking about hitting higher notes NOT SINGING IN A HIGHER KEY. Thats what I want to master is to sing in a higher key. I would like to sing in the key of E4 or F4 eventually but I would like to know what are some exercises that are meant to make you sing in a higher key not to just give you random high notes. What are some exercises for
  7. Wow that sounded awesome! Your voice really suits the song, no doubt.
  8. Jens you mention that your highest note was a D4 and now what is your highest note? Also did you raise your singing key range?
  9. For those of you guys that want to give it a shot the notes are as follows What you dont understand is I catch a gre-nade for ya (F4) (G4) (G4)(A4) (F4) (D4) Throw my hand on the blade for ya (G4) (A4) (F4) (D4) I jump in front of a tra-in for ya (F4) (C5) (A#4) (A4) (A#4)(A4) (F4) (D4) You know I do a----ny----th----ing for ya (F4) (C5) (A#4) (A4) (A#4) (A4) (
  10. Wow thanx alot Mr. Thornberry, this has been a question that I always wanted to know about Bruno. Really appreciate you taking the time to share with us your stories and answering my question. Those guys that can sing Grenade in the key that Bruno Mars does it are unreal. I remember I counted how many people on YouTube were able to do it and from 54 covers of male singers only 9 were able to do it in Bruno's key and who knows if that was the only time they were able to do it. I hear how sometimes singers record at a higher key in the studio but always go lower on live performances. Tho
  11. WOW AWESOME! Thanks for the story. Really appreciate it. Yeah I saw him sing those things in the morning, amazing. Through speaking to Bruno and Phillip did you get the feeling or was told that Bruno worked his way to sing like he sings or he was just born with that singing range? I mean in Grenade he is singing in the key of F4, that is just ridiculous. F4 is like a note that most people will be belting out in a chorus and Bruno is just doing whole verses on that note, unreal.
  12. Yeah he has been doing this his whole life but the thing is there is a clip of him when hes 15 years old and he sounds even higher! I think he was born with it and obviously he has some technique to make his voice last and improve it overall but his singing key range I believe he was just born with it.
  13. You did kinda do it but the thing is would you be able to do it 10 times in a row. Its one thing to kinda do just the chorus/bridge but do the whole song in one take almost no mistakes 10 times in a row.
  14. Ok I posted how Dave Brooks believes Bruno Mars is cut from a different clothe and most people will never reach his singing ability to sing high. Some of you guys said that its B.S and that Bruno Mars has been singing since 4 years old meaning that he worked hard to reach the level of singing that he does today. To be honest I'm not sure what to believe because Bruno Mars sings real high notes LIVE EVERYTIME. Like Grenade has a bunch of high notes like a A4, C5, D5 in the chorus.... everytime! Thats ridiculous and he hits them everytime live as well. So I'm wondering if what alot of y
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