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  1. Hi everyone! I have a question about cardioid mics and super cardioid mics: Which one should I use in my rockband? We only play at small venues and most of the time the monitors are in front of me, but I like to move a lot on stage. And which one do you all use? Regards, Vocalisha
  2. Hi! I do not own a Sennheiser e935, but I borrowed one from Sennheiser to test it and see if it works for me. I really love this one! I tried several mics on and off stage, like SM58, Beta58, Heil PR-35, Heil PR-22, Beta86, Neumann KMS 105, Beta57, Sennheiser e965 etc. Since I'm also in a rockband, all the condenser mics didn't work for me. They were too sensitive and picked up the drums and other unwanted noises. So I've tried the e935 on and off stage and it is great! Is sounds way better than an SM58 or Beta58 and it really fits my voice. There are enough high frequenties to cut through the mix, but there are also enough low frequencies to keep the body in my voice. I really love this mic. Maybe you should ask Sennheiser if you can try one? Regards, Vocalisha
  3. Hi everyone! In my search for a wireless microphone, I also heard about the digital wireless systems. Who can tell me something about those systems and is it much better (or worse) than a normal system? And what is the difference? Vocalisha
  4. Thanks! I'm considering a Sennheiser system, but the SKM2000 serie is too expensive for me at the moment. I was looking at the EW 500 serie. What do you think about this system? And what is the significant difference between EW500 and for instance an EW 135 G3? Could it be that the more expensive systems are only used in big productions on a huge stage with a lot of signals going on from the many wireless mics and in-ear systems at the same time? I mean, the quality of the mic and the system can be the same, but the expensive ones can handle a lot of signals. When I'm on stage there will only be two wireless mics at the sime time...
  5. Hi Rev! I checked a few video manuals on the internet bij TC Helicon, and it does have a tap tempo function. If i remember correctly, you have you push the middle button and hit together and hold it for a second. Then you can tap the tempo on the hit button. I hope it works! Regards, Vocalisha
  6. Thanks for all your help! I found out that you can also buy a wireless system and put on another capsule. So I'm going to try the Heil RC-22 in a few days, to hear if it suits my voice. How do you think about these capsules and especially the Heil? In Holland, where I live, the Heil mics aren't very well known and there are only a few dealers here who sell them. I'm very curious about your opinion! I'm certainly not going to use the mic in the studio, because I have a really good condenser mic for recordings. I will only use the wireless mic on stage in a band setting. And for the acoustic gigs I always use my Neumann KMS 105, which works really great with my voice. Thanks again for your replies!
  7. Hi Adolph! Thanks for your reply. I'm going to check it out. It seems like the dream of every singer to be able to use your favorite mic wireless. Great! Regards, Vocalisha
  8. Hi everyone, I'm new here on the Modern Vocalist Forum, and I have a question. I want to buy a wireless mic, but it's hard to find a good one. It has to be a dynamic mic, because I'm gonna use it in a rockband. I don't want it to be a Shure SM58 or Beta58, because they don't sound good with my voice. So, can you please give me some good advice? Thanks!
  9. I would really recommend the Studio Projects B1. It's a very cheap microphone but sounds great. Just read this review in Sound on Sound. Especially the part 'Subjective Impressions' at the bottom of the article is interesting. http://www.soundonsound.com/sos/jun05/articles/studioprojectsb1.htm