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  1. Good to know, Bob! I'll definitely keep that in mind. And I should probably do more vowel exercises like Xamedhi suggested. Heehee BTW, Xamedhi, can I call you Seba? It's so much easier to type! LOL Big thanks for the Encouraging words on Dawn Of Freedom on my Songwriting partners Soundcloud page.
  2. Interesting! Thanks for the input, Jabroni and Xamedhi! The head tilt reminds me of how I seem to be able to sing higher if I have my head tilted sightly upward. Heehee
  3. Thanks for the tip, bud! I certainly will give that a try!
  4. Thanks for the advice, VideoHere. I think you hit the nail on the head. I'm not really that concerned about it, it's just fun to be able to sing songs that short of transposing down, didn't used to be available to me. The same thing can be said about the C2. After all this time, I can finally sing a strong C2, especially if I do it shortly after I wake up in the morning. Heehee And yes, I will probably eventually make another thread like this for the C2 because I'm very interested in working out that part of my voice too. I've had very little luck googling these subjects so I greatly appreciate all the helpful suggestions from you and everyone who has posted. BTW...I love singing the notes G4-B4! Heehee The only thing that really vexes me sometimes is the vowel sounds, Seems like some are more comfortable than others even though I'm singing the exact same note. Heehee
  5. Sure wish I was one of those young guys! LOL But unfortunately, I got started pretty late, I started hitting the karaoke bars and playing in various garage bands when I was around 31 and now I'm the ripe old age of 45. LOL And I absolutely agree with you about the other notes. But, I've always been able to hit those notes since I first started singing, at least to some extent. Heehee The first song I ever sang in public was my favorite Bob Seger song, TURN THE PAGE, and I believe that has a nice B4 at the end of it which at the time was perfect for me cuz I didn't have to hold it out for very long and it didn't have to be soft and pretty. LOL I can sing soft and I can sing high, but I can't sing soft and high at the same time. LOL Eventually I was able to hit and hold out the B4 for quite some time and I even demonstrate that in my latest original. Yes, I know the pitch is not flawless. Heehee And I know I still need to work on my voice in regards to working the nasal out of my voice and using my chest voice more than my head voice. Heehee And my number 1 nemesis ever since I joined my first band has been timing. Doh! I blame that on too much Karaoke. LOL But I keep working on it, and that's why forums like these are so good for aspiring singers. Anyway, thanks for all the great suggestions, VideoHere. BTW...Are you sure the Burton Cummings song doesn't peak at a B4? Heehee That's what THE RANGE PLACE said.
  6. Thanks, Man! Now all I have to do is read up on making a Signature. Heehee For now, this is my SoundCloud page and DAWN OF FREEDOM is the song I was referring to.
  7. Well like I said, it was in the beginning of 2015 when i realized I could hit the C5 and actually hold it for the first time and near the end of 2015, I realized that I could even stretch it out and do the same thing with a D5, although, that's right at my limit so sometimes you can hear my voice breaking when I try to go that high and it has more of a piercing sound than when I sing the C5. Heehee So to start with, I'm looking for something with one or 2 C5's but if some songs have more than that, I'm willing to keep them in mind and maybe try singing them at a later date. Heehee Cool! When I can find some time to record and if I can find the song in my Karaoke collection, I would be happy to upload it to my Soundcloud account and post a link here. Also, I'm a songwriter, well at least half a song writer. Heehee I'm a lyricist, melody maker and singer and one of my latest originals has both the C5 and a very short D5.Heehee If you're interested, I'll post a link to that as well. Thanks for the Interest and the help, Xamedhi!
  8. Thanks, Xamedhi! :0 ) Wow, how many C5's in the chorus!? LOL
  9. VideoHere is trying to kill me! LOL WOW! Thanks for the GREAT RESPONSE, guys!!!!!! Much appreciated.!!! When I get some time, I will check out all of these songs and begin adding them to the list.
  10. In that case, thanks for widening my HORIZONS. Heehee
  11. Thanks again, Ron. But I looked up the lyrics for the 2nd song you posted and they do not appear to be in English. I'll still put it at the bottom of the list for other members that might be interested in singing it.
  12. Cool! Thanks Ron!!! I've loved EYE OF THE TIGER since I first saw ROCKY III! Don't know the other song but I've added both to the list.