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  1. Oh and wanna mention these were recorded with a condenser mic that DOES NOT have a pop filter (I'm workin on that xD) and I need to work on some levels I think, it was a really rough recording.
  2. Alright, these are a couple "covers" I did. I more or less just played the song in my ear buds, with only one in and sang along. I am VERY new to vocals, and honestly don't think I'm anywhere near good HOWEVER I am hoping some of the people here might help me improve - The Animal Song - I'm Still Here Just want to point I realize my pitch is off for parts, and I'm unsure of lyrics or pitches at parts (I had never sung or practiced these before). Before I post some of the problems I heard I figure I'll let you guys listen and leave some feedback, then I'll ask questions from there Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me.