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  1. Oh and wanna mention these were recorded with a condenser mic that DOES NOT have a pop filter (I'm workin on that xD) and I need to work on some levels I think, it was a really rough recording.
  2. Alright, these are a couple "covers" I did. I more or less just played the song in my ear buds, with only one in and sang along. I am VERY new to vocals, and honestly don't think I'm anywhere near good HOWEVER I am hoping some of the people here might help me improve - The Animal Song - I'm Still Here Just want to point I realize my pitch is off for parts, and I'm unsure of lyrics or pitches at parts (I had never sung or practiced these before). Before I post some of the problems I heard I figure I'll let you guys listen and leave some feedback, then I'll ask questions from there Thanks in advance for any help you guys can offer me.
  3. Not to necro an old post, but I just joined and wanted to support this app. Its so convenient and accurate that I haven't used my actual tuner for months!