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  1. Thanks so much pekka Thanks so much pekka And yes I agree I have been listening to this song non stop, their voice mesh so well together
  2. I heard this song from Tori's new album and fell in love with it. Would love to hear some feedback on this one. I did both Tori and Ed's parts. Thanks for taking a listen
  3. Hey guys! I just now did a cover of Do I Wanna Know. Kind of out of my element, but I have known about this band and have heard this song a while back but never really paid attention to it. But I have been listening to this song this past week and I have fallen in love with it. The riff of the song is my favorite, of course along with Alex Turners crazy good voice. But please give it a listen and let me know what you guys think of this one! Much love http://yourlisten.com/Felix.Pereda/arctic-monkeys-cover
  4. ​Would like to hear more of it on better audio but I dig how it sounded! Sounded eerie but a cool vibe to it. Haha I was wondering when you were going to break at the end with the belting haha. Keep up with it good job so far
  5. ​Beautiful voice! Very nice tone. I would love to hear more of your head voice, I feel like it would sound very pretty with a lot of songs. Keep up the good work
  6. ​Ahhhh. Awesome stuff man. It sounds great!
  7. I also just covered Ed Sheeran's Photograph as well. I'm on a spree lately apparently on covering songs. There is a cricket in the background because I was singing in the garage so I wouldn't wake up my parents haha. I didn't want to create another thread and spam so if anyone wants to take a listen and give some feedback on this one as well, it would be greatly appreciated
  8. Hey guys! I just recently recorded a snippet of Jessie J's new song. It would be awesome to hear opinions on this one to see if I should cover the full song or not.
  9. Great job overall man! It started shaky in the beginning with timing and pitch, but once you got to the first verse I picked up immensely! I liked the power in your voice, and good job on that long note! And nice little runs and riffs, it sounded nice here and there as well
  10. ​Thanks man! I've been singing for 6 years or so! I have never taken any singing lessons before
  11. And heres a new cover of George Ezra's Budapest. It would be great to get some opinions on this one.
  12. Great job on a classic. I love the gravely tone to your voice. It fits that type of music well, and you have very good pitch! Keep it up
  13. Also, does anyone know what vocal type I am? (High Baritone, Tenor)?
  14. ​Thanks for the tip and explaining! I'm not too advanced in music theory and singing terminology so mind me, but I understand the the basics in what you're saying. How do I squeeze my vocal folds more? Are there any sounds or warmups to practice this with? I've had people tell me my tone/voice is airy and maybe I push too mush air through? Not sure.
  15. ​Thank you! I really do appreciate everyone single one of your guys's comments.
  16. ​Great job on this cover! I personally don't know the original song, but good fit your voice IMO. Good control over your vibrato, good job staying on pitch pretty much the whole time. I can sort of tell when you start to belt its starting to reach towards your breaking point because it sounds just a tad bit strained. I think it's only because you may be thinking about too much, and also your breath support. Good job on the falsetto parts as well. May just be me but I can see your voice working well with R&B. The little runs you did here and there were a nice touch as well. It would be cool
  17. ​Thank you! And I understand what you mean with the confidence aspect! ​ Thank you very much! I appreciate it ​Thanks so much!
  18. I like rock and roll, but don't listen to it too often but great job man. I wasn't expecting that really! Powerful voice, excellent control!
  19. ​Why thank you, good job on your fray cover too!
  20. ​ This song grew a lot on me as well. Thanks for listening!
  21. ​Thank you very much! I did not use autotune. The only thing I did was "Live Effect" on Garageband which is pretty much like adding reverb.
  22. ​Thanks man!! Good job on your hallelujah cover
  23. Thanks for the feedback so far.   Would love to get some feedback on this classic song..    
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