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  1. I'm actually glad you said that. I've been wondering why my voice sounds 'worse' on the lower notes but never attributed it to lack of pushing for lower notes. I've been trying to work on the higher notes so I guess I kind of neglected those lower ones. Thanks a lot. Does anybody else have any critique? How's the overall sound of my voice, etc?
  2. Features a couple of higher notes for me. Let me know what you think; thanks in advance. It features a lot of quick chord changes so that messed me up a little bit.
  3. Haha awesome, thanks for clearing it up.
  4. Haha well being only 6'1", I might have to keep working on my vocals. Thanks a lot for the critique; just wondering though, what exactly does "phrasing" mean?
  5. My main question is would I be able to perform in front of people and not get laughed out of the building: Tuned down 1/2 step. So the chorus high notes are all F4's. The highest note is an F#4 ("American" at the end of the chorus). I can sing it in the original key but it's a bit more of a struggle as G4/A4 is right up there at the tail end of my range and there are a lot of prolongued parts where I'd have to sing right at the edge of my range. As usual, thanks in advance for the c/c.
  6. Thanks for the reply. I always have issues going a little too fast with the tempo.
  7. The song in general is in a comfort zone for me but there's the one B1 that's a bit tricky to hit. Anyways, comments and criticism appreciated:
  8. I think your voice is good sounding. I actually really like it. Obviously you need more experience to hit the notes more accurately, etc. Asking "should I quit singing?" is kind of a weird question. That's like a guy who's picked up the guitar once in his life saying "man I'm not good enough at this" and dropping it. Your voice is an instrument, it'll require work, and most people aren't born with the ability to sing great. If you enjoy singing, keep singing.
  9. Generally flat or sharp? Any suggestions to remedy this or is it just a practice thing? One thing that kind of works for me is to not think about singing and how I'm going to sing while I do it, but I kind of ignore that when recording haha. Thank you for the feedback.
  10. Sorry to bump fellas but I'd really like a critique. :P
  11. I gave this song a shot, it seems like it's in my comfort zone but I'm scared that it's a little too 'boring'. I have a bit of a sore throat as well which isn't affecting the way my voice sounds but is making a bit of discomfort. If you guys could critique it, it would be much appreciated. Let me know if it really is a bit too boring, and what you think of the singing in general. Thanks in advance.
  12. Thanks a lot for the advice. I just went back to singing after a 2 day rest and tried hitting prolonged G4s (Speed of Sound - Coldplay) which were preceeded by an A4. I noticed a lot of tension singing it, like my throat was flexing kind of thing, it was pretty closed off. The discomfort usually stems from that; maybe it's not my tonsils, it might be my throat from doing this. Is there any advice you can give for avoiding this. The highest note I've been able to hit is a B4, but never in the context of a song. Just the B4 alone, and I have trouble going above G4 in the context of songs because of the amount of tenseness and pushing that I have to do to get there. Again, there's no scratchiness but it feels like my muscles are getting exhausted in the throat. I listen to a bunch of pop punk and the singers seem to sing these F4s-A4s for entire verses without fatigue. What's the secret? My throat is relaxed generally until about F4-F#4. EDIT: Better description is it feels like there's a knot in my throat while singing high. Kind of like when people cry... or uh... so I've heard.
  13. I've had some problems with my tonsils in the past. They always seem inflammed. I used to get strep throat very frequently (3-5 times per year) but it generally went away. I went to my dentist in December because my throat and mouth were getting dry too easily, he said my tonsils were swollen but I hadn't been sick whatsoever. He hadn't identified the cause of the dryness. Said maybe it was mouth breathing while sleeping because my teeth showed signs of that. I've been getting pain in my tonsils after singing for a long while now. I don't get a scratchy throat at all, and it's not a sore throat. It's specifically located in the tonsils. It doesn't affect my singing voice in any way, and the pain isn't severe or anything. It's just a bit more uncomfortable to sing. I'm fairly confident I'm using proper technique. I trained with a vocal coach for the first 8 months of my time singing. I literally rarely ever tried to sing so I started with proper training. Plus there's no scratchiness in my throat and I don't lose my voice. I've also now begun yelling (like at sporting events) with the same technique that I use to sing and I don't get any of the sore throat symptoms associated with yelling afterwards anymore. So I think the technique is fine. Is it normal to get this? Has anyone else gotten this? Has anyone removed their tonsils to aid with this?
  14. Hi everyone. I posted a cover of "Can't Help Falling in Love With You" attempted when I assumed I was a bass singer, but helpful comments got me out of that thought process haha. Anyway, here's a song I put down one octave because it's originally by a female. C/C appreciated. Thanks in advance. Cheers. I also realized I messed up playing a C instead of an Am in the final part of the chorus so it'll sound off there. EDIT: I just listened to it without headphones and realized that the sound quality is pretty poor. It'll probably sound a bit better with headphones or through speakers as opposed to just laptop speakers.