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  1. Thanks for the reply Robert. Those are really helpful comments. The breathy tone is definitely my default and while it has it's place, I agree that I should have transitioned into a more present, assertive tone midway through the song. I used to only have a breathy tone and it has always been a "safe" place to sing from. There's something stabilizing about that posture for me. I have, over time, managed to cultivate other tones with more closure and resonance but they are less familiar so I rarely reach for those levers. As for the cues- I think you're right about the one at :51. I t
  2. I already know what I think of this performance....I'd like to hear what others think. Referring to the timeline of the track would be helpful (example- "the sustained note at 2:21 needs work.") Thanks in advance.
  3. Yeah. Carl Anderson is off the charts. The line that always slays me in his version is "We are occupied. Have you forgotten how put down we are?" .....gets me every time
  4. I feel the need to say something in Daniel's defense. The idea that he was making a sales pitch is way off base. It's worthwhile to keep in mind that anyone giving advice of any kind will most likely do so based on their own personal experience. Daniel has studied with some of the best in the business.....that's where he's coming from. There is nothing wrong with that and it's worked well for him. The variety of styles, the range, the falsetto, the rasp.....there's a hell of a lot of knowledge making all of that possible. I think the gym analogy is good although it doesn't support th
  5. When I think of "Blues Shouter" I think of Taj Mahal. Killer musician all around. Massively underrated. One of my all time favorites. He even has a live album called "Shoutin in Key"
  6. I'm loving the fact that Harris and Hitchens are being discussed on a singing forum. I just have to say, there is no way that "the End of Faith" or "Letter to a Christian Nation" or "God is Not Great" were written to distract the public from the failings of physicists. Their arguments have much more to do with morality than anything else.
  7. So glad to see the Concrete Blonde love happening. Johnette gives me chills. Total bad ass. I had the good fortune to see them live in a small venue back in the day. She is the real deal. Great songwriting too.
  8. That's a great idea although I don't know what a sticky thread is. I have been trying to download Karaoke tracks to work on these things. Sometimes they're songs I don't even like that much. It's interesting though.....There maybe one tune that briefly touches a G#4 but lives for the most part around C#4 while another tune just sits on F4 for extended periods but doesn't really go any higher. The first song has the higher note but the second one is harder at least for me. There are also the tunes as I pointed out earlier in the thread that start on the high note and descend from there rather t
  9. Just to add one thing about consonants. Anyone who has done a fair amount of live singing through mic knows what a buzzkill those plosives are..... p and b especially. Before I knew anything about vocal technique I had figured out that I could skip off the plosives with a sort of "m" type sound and avoid the giant sub harmonic pop through the PA. Point is, I think that for me, I'm going to start taking more of a look at all the moving parts of a problem phrase to see what subtle tweaks might be available. Again this is just my experience...... and on the beginner/master continuum ......I
  10. This is so true about the consonants. Just as with the vowel modifications, I have found that softening or modifying the attack on some consonants can make the whole phrase feel more fluid or legato. I have been having trouble with the chorus for one of my original tunes for a while and I just realized that this might be part of the problem. The melody doesn't have any high notes (highest note in the phrase is c4) but there is a lot of melodic movement and a lot of words. My position keeps having to change unless I look for a common denominator and sort of bring everything in towards that plac
  11. Cool man. Yeah. I'm a little further upstate. Nice mild winter we're having so far, huh? I just listened to those clips of Brad the street performer. Guy's good! Looks kind of like Stephen King. What a trip.
  12. Hey....That's Williamsburg, Brooklyn. I used to live there. Is that your 'hood Bob?
  13. Hey man. This is cool. Exciting stuff. First question....are you in or near a major city? If so, it's going to be easier to find a studio that can deliver the goods so to speak. Typically it can go like this......you find a studio that has recorded/mixed songs/albums that sound good to you and you contact them. Tell them a little about your project and then go to the studio for a quick tour. Meet the engineer(s). This would be the one key "fancy person" without whom you will have no recording. Generally speaking, a good artist or band who are well rehearsed and have thought things throug
  14. I'm digging the Sam Cooke reference here..... At one point I was going to make some sort of deal with myself where I would cut my hair really short and then not cut it again until I got this song down. So if my hair started looking stupid there would be that much more incentive to work on the song. These are the things I think about sometimes. There's more where that came from. They are constantly being generated. Seriously though, this song and Carl Anderson's version of "Heaven on Their Minds" are the ones ....if I get those I will have arrived so to speak. Burdon was just such a b
  15. Yeah. That's a cool version. I only recently got hip to this band. Great guitar sound. A Les Paul with p-90s. Can't go wrong with that.
  16. Soundgarden's "Burden in my Hand" starts on the A4 which makes it a different kind of work out. The phrase descends in pitch as opposed to building up to it. It's really challenging. Both the Soundgarden track and the Animals track have Karaoke versions that are easy to find. As far as the G#4 (also known as "the last note before all bets are off") ....I think Alice in Chains "Rooster" features that note pretty heavily. I'll think on it some more. One song I have been working with to strengthen that general area is Ray Charles' "Hard Times (No One Knows Better Than I)". The firs
  17. Loud, chesty A4s?.....I would say this one is the holy grail
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