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  1. Excellent Felipe! Nailed it... After not paying very much attention to Dio, I recently started checking him out a bit more seriously. Some of the Rainbow stuff is great but my favorite album of all I've checked out so far is..........Mob Rules.
  2. Ha! I went straight for the lead! I'm working on the fingerpicking as well. The changing of the string sets when changing chords is what I find difficult. I pretty much got it now though. Not yet singing and playing it at the same time though. Would be nice if the original with vox removed was out there, but I have not been able to find it - at least on yootoob. The backing tracks I've checked all kinda suck, as Felipe said. So I don't know...
  3. Anyone working on this? How you making out @MDEW? I've been giving it a bit of a go. Its not so easy, but making progress!
  4. Great job all around Felipe. Keep cranking them out!!!
  5. awesome! any tips for thickening up your mix like you are doing here, without bringing up a whole lot of chest?
  6. Well said MDew! RIP John. Truthfully, I was not familiar with his music, though I had heard of him. Before I opened your links MDew I clicked on the video below and was struck be the similarity between his tone and yours. I don't know if you patterned your singing style on his at all, but it sounds real similar to me.
  7. Wow, what a tour de force Felipe! Very impressive!!!
  8. Wow, that's so sad. RIP Adolph. Felipe I'd be glad to add my voice to whatever you want to do.
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