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  1. Thanks for the info on the mics. I will try them. I have tried the Feedback Destroyer Pro once and it didn't help. I would just like to have a device that would allow me to control my volume without depending on the person controlling the board. Which is the bass player in this band if we are running our own sound. And I agree on the earplugs, which I forgot last practice. I will bring my in ear monitor next time. Thanks again.
  2. I am a singer in a cover band and unfortunately I am not as loud as most cover band singers. I have recently joined a new band and the guitarist plays very loud. I am having problems with feedback if they turn me up loud enough to sing over the guitar and drums. We rent out the place we play, so I am not comfortable altering the soundboard too much. The other guys in the band have no problem being heard. Just me. Does anyone know of a device I could bring in and simply add it in line to the microphone that would boost or amplify my voice? I have a TChelicon voice live two. It allows for volume increase but causes feedback as well. I am not sure that it acts as an amplifier. I am using a SM 58 Beta microphone. Any help would be appreciated as I threw my voice out last practice trying to scream over them.