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  1. How to process a vocalist in a recording who does not have a very consistent tone/timbre? A good example is Marilyn Manson, he has a totally different sound when he sings in his mid/lower range, when he moves up into his higher ranges, you can see how thin and distorted his tone gets. My point is, obviously producers wouldn't treat his voice as a whole through out, right? They cut the vocal into segments and then treat the higher vocal differently and the lower/mid differently? This is confusing. I'd also like to know how they make a vocal that thin not sound annoying and shrill. He's really going for it in that chorus, while the verses are sung pretty heavy.
  2. Hello Kevin, I am aware of the fact that you need more air for lower notes and less as you go higher. I understand what you're talking about creating more glottal compression, I just can't seem to find the balance, it's either very raspy or very choked off. Like you said, need some trial and error, shall practice to find the balance. I totally get you! But it would certainly be nice to have the option of singing clean in the higher notes, and I want to build on that. It definitely is a great thing I have a bit of a grasp on vocal distortion. That made me think a great while. Air velocity, I believe.
  3. I believe I am using too much air while singing clean vocals, this is great for when I want a breathy tone and when the song calls for it, but the thing is I don't know how to cut back on the air without letting my voice distort. Whenever I cut back on the air, vocal distortion kicks in, and my vocals get a grunge like rasp tone. I've discovered that whenever I sing anything above F#4, I can't sing it without vocal distortion kicking in. I don't believe it's an issue involving breath support, because I can sing all the way up to A4 comfortably, even though I can only sing above F#4 with a distorted tone. Too much air dries out my vocal chords pretty fast whenever I sing clean, and I often have to pause between lyrics and inhale fast so I can get enough breath for the next phrase, I manage to do it flawlessly, but it is annoying. Why can't I cut back on the air without my vocals distorting into a grunge/raspy tone?
  4. Hello Owen, Yes I purposely sang completely 'exposed' to highlight all the problems I am having, though when I sing I am able to cover up some of the problems. Anything at and below F4 is comfortable for me to sing and sounds great. Anything above that sounds terrible. The problem is I do not have any vocal coaches in my region.
  5. Correct, I do get the strangling feel. This is about the cleanest I can manage without trying repeatedly and singing cleaner by chance.
  6. Hello guys, Last time I posted a thread when I discovered my head voice. Now I've gotten to the point where I want to build on it and make it sound good rather than weak and basically un-usable. Please listen to a vocal sample and tell me what errors I might be making and what I should be working on ? P.S When I sing 'End of passion play, Crumbling away---' in the end, I have to REALLY belt it out and use an 'uncomfortable' range of my voice (E4-G4), because it's neither too low, nor too high, it sounds like i'm yelling here, and it just sounds terrible and ugly. Most of the intense thrash and metal singing is sung in this area, please tell me how can I make this range comfortable to use, without strain and make it sound good so I can then start working on the tone of the sound to improve it. :| Vocal Sample: http://www.reverbnation.com/pobertblant/songs [This sample is so embarrassing god...]
  7. Great! Thanks for the quick reply Owen. Yes, you are correct, it takes a lot more to sing in this voice than to just go for an open vowel, but it is definitely a start. Once again, Thanks!
  8. Greetings, I listen to a lot of Iron Maiden, Megadeth, Led Zeppelin etc. Basically heavy metal. I've been practicing singing for 4 months now and I could never understand how to access my head voice, I would always strain on the high notes and would be belting them out in chest, I could never go past E4. I discovered my full voice/head voice 4 days ago while trying to sing man in the box by alice in chains, randomly. I then started to work on it and started to notice the amount of diaphragmatic support needed for the high notes as well how much fuller it sounded in comparison to falsetto. I know my head voice is undeveloped, and that can sometimes make it sound like it's falsetto, when it actually isn't, but I just want to be sure. Please listen to the clip below and tell me what's going on. Anxiously waiting for an answer, thank you. I can go all the way to B4 in this, without strain. (The first portion is in Head, second is in falsetto, then it repeats again.) http://vocaroo.com/i/s1VYeqMoamuV