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  1. I like metal and punk rock mainly. How do you go about searching for a band though?
  2. I first started singing in choir class in 8th grade, and I continued doing group choir throughout high school. I also occasionally did solos for choir or at church. But ever since I graduated high school, I have only performed once at a small recital for a singing class I was in, and even that was close to two years ago. I really enjoy performing, but for these past few years I've just been hyperfocused on technique. Originally my line of thinking was, "I'll start performing seriously when I'm good enough," or, "when I get the opportunity". But lately I've been thinking, I'm just screwing myse
  3. Yes, I just wanted to know if I was understanding it correctly, and for the most part I feel I do. To be completely honest it is still a bit confusing, mainly because everyone seems to have a slightly different take on it, and different terms for this and that, and I just don't have the expertise to understand exactly what all the different terms and concepts are or how to apply them. That's why I enjoy learning more about physiology and technical components of singing, and generally taking a more scientific approach to learning technique; it's just easier for me to understand and apply that k
  4. So swelling is getting louder, but a better term because it focuses more on resonance rather than pushing and shouting. That makes sense. My main problem that I believe is due mainly to improper breath management, and possibly also improper placement, is that I have a hard time bridging in my upper-middle range. I can bridge from 100% chest voice into my middle range where it is still mostly chest voice with some head voice qualities, but once I'm past the middle and it starts leaning more into head voice, my voice wants to totally let go into 100% head voice, and then it's hard to bridge back
  5. Thanks for sharing that video, I've never heard it explained this way before. Also, what is "swelling" and "pocket aiming"?
  6. Is that when you're going for a more distorted sound? Because when I'm doing clean singing it always seems like my problem is that I'm using too much air. Especially in my middle range, my voice might break or it just feels strained, and the main solution always seems to be that I needed to use less air. Like my vocal folds were straining because they were trying to maintain good closure with the excess air pressure, which in turn caused the muscles around my larynx to squeeze and restrict to hold them together, which either doesn't work or it sounds bad. I do feel a pushing sensation when I d
  7. This is one area of singing that has always confused me a bit. I've been studying and practicing for about 4 years now, and I am a decent singer with power throughout my range, but my voice can be inconsistent, and I believe that the main issue I'm having is with breath management. It's one of those things that I know is important, but I don't quite know enough to apply it effectively and consistently. The reason it confuses me is that I have read many different things about "proper" breath management/support for singing, and it just seems like there isn't much consistency with vocalists and t
  8. I'd definitely be willing to use $200 for that, and extra for 1-on-1 lessons, I just don't have that much right at the moment I've had a lot of unexpected expenses lately. I've looked at your product before, and I did want to get it, but I didn't have enough at that time either. This is also why I haven't gotten lessons in a while (I did take lessons for 6 months when I was 17, 2 years ago). I should have enough by some time next month though, at least for The Four Pillars of Singing product. But thank you for the information. I think I probably have all of those problems to some extent
  9. To be honest, I think my problem might be a lot to do with vowel modification. It would explain why I will sometimes sound very good, but if I'm thinking about it too much (which is a majority of the time) I will not be able to figure out how I hit a certain note so easily before, when I wasn't really thinking about it. But I can't really figure out how to modify vowels in the correct way that it will give me a better sound. Most of the articles I find just talk about how and why it is important, but they don't say anything else. So I am still pretty lost.
  10. I have been trying to train my middle range for over 3 years to eliminate breaks in my range, and I STILL cannot do it. I have gotten better definitely, but I am starting to get pretty frustrated. I think it may be due to multiple things. 1: After my voice started getting deeper, I wasn't able to sing in my higher range without singing in my falsetto. For some reason I couldn't get the right feeling for singing in a normal modal head voice, it took quite a while before I could figure out what it should feel like. That was around 3 years ago when I figured it out. 2: I haven't had mu
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