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  1. Hi , here is my cover of "man against the world " originally performed by survivor . I sing it 4 half tons down , because i am not a high tenor like jimmy jamison. Please review and comment for me to improve my singing. Thank you
  2. Helo Robert ! Thank you very much for your review ! I will try to apply your advices and sing with a better articulation , and I am sure Iam gonna sound better . English is not my main language and i know that i have to progess on it . What do you mean when you say I sound "flat" , does it means dark timber not enough bright ? Or this is about the pitch a little Under ? At 2.36 and the same before , I just see that I have made a mistake with the chord , I played a Asus4 but it should be a Dm .. Maybe that's why I sound below the pitch ? Yeah you're right at the end I am a little careless ( maybe because this is the end of the song and i didnt think that i would keep the video lol ) , and that"s why i sound flat here ..
  3. Hello everybody ! Here a quick cover of "man in the mirror" of MJ , recorded with ipad . I wanted to have some review of what you think of my version , and some advices to improve my singing and sing it better. I am high barry but not tenor so the song is played 3 half step down, the original pitch is too high for me .
  4. Thank you for your comment , yes I can have more volume and heaviness in some passages  , but I did it voluntary lightly ..
  5. Hi ! Thank you for having taken time to answer . I didn't sing this song for someone in particular , but my wife love this song Yes I know that I don't have a good accent , and I have to work on all my pronontiations .. I am from france , and we are considered as having the worst accent of the world in english , thus it is not easy but I still work on it .. 
  6. Hi everybody ,  I'am new of this forum and I'm here to improve my singing .. Here is my first video "all of me" of John legend  , please critique ma singing , good and bad things accepted !    
  7. nice bright timber , nice vibrato  , good open sound and vowel pronunciation .   very nice version , good job !
  8. hello , this is a smouth and nice version  and you are on pitch .   however there are some things that you can improve . First of all  , the breath /diaphragm support .  You switch to mix/head voice too early i think , so you dont really have power , with a good support you could sound deeper and more powerful .   second thing , I find that you sound not enough bright , make your tongue more tonic , and sing with smile .   And be careful with the "i" vowel ...     good job anyway