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  1. There were some iffy spots. But please(!!) do a cover, you got pipes.
  2. Why, you're so talented.  I'm actually happy that I got to hear your voice today.  Happy New Years! 
  3. Hey, so I finally was able to record with a bed track! I think it helped with the timing of the piece, and yeah I think my voice sounds a little bit better. 
  4. Thank you guys! I really appreciate all the advice on this forum. To Robert Lunte, KillerKu, and lussfabu,    For the past couple of days I've been listening to lead vocalists actively. I think that I have the habit of carrying the approximate tune of the song, but it sounds off because I'm not really hitting the notes, but around them. I'll most likely upload a version with me singing along with a track in the future. My school offers subsidized vocal lessons, so I'll most likely use those at the beginning of the new semester. Also, KillerKu, I really like the breathing techniqu
  5. Hi guys!   So, this is my first time singing "for real." I've been in college for the past couple months, and while I use to do a lot of music stuff as a preteen, things sort of fell off in high school. In terms of vocal ability, I have very poor technique, but I think the timbre of my voice is kind of nice. Basically, I'd like to know how my voice could improve in terms of pitch, support, my vowel sounds, transitions from note to note etc. I've been actively attempting to sing for the past month or so, and been doing a bit of research and stuff. Of course, people who sing well practic
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