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  1. Only when I stop to think about you, I know... That's heavy, man!
  2. 8tor, haha valeu velhinho! Obrigado pelo elogio e pela simpatia! Será muito bem vindo, quando quiser! Abraços! Bono, thanks for the words! But I have to say there's absolutely nothing I can do since this is MY voice. By the way, better than any useless method you could find (or sometimes buy...) on internet, I teach my pupils to open their ears and catch any fragment of the others singing voices, as Felipe can tell about. For example, listen how I sing "for my anger" and then listen to Jon's voice. There's a huge diference and it could never be done if I was worring about mimic and not about t
  3. aehauehae demorou! É que o Felipe, ainda por cima, é meu aluno! kkkkk Tamo junto!
  4. haha Thanks Felipe! É nóis! 8tor: lol thanks, man! Anthony: thank you, brother! Enander: lol Showing off is my best trick! hahaha Thanks Pekka! Gneetapp: lol Dio's smiling in heaven right now!
  5. https://app.box.com/keepthefaith lol Is it serius about tags? hahahaha
  6. Thanks aravindmadis! I record all at my home studio. Gneetapp, BrooklynRaven and GrungeManiac: Thank you very much for the words, peps! Cheers!
  7. Thanks Ronws! Sorry for taking so long to answer! Best regards!
  8. It's really good hear your voice sayin' my name, it sounds so sweet... ♫   Nice ballad from Hinder, with xtra punch & drives!  
  9. thethomas, Bzean123, Olem & Pekka thank you!   Mivke, it's really great to know that my singing helps you this way! I think it happens just because I try to do it my own way, based in my technique; so it becomes like a 'new perspective' and you can achieve your own way. Awesome! Thank you!
  10.   I just love the darkness in Layne Staley voice! Dropping my own dark sign on it
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