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  1. Thanks for the reply Draven, Yeah sadly it was recorded by an audience member on their phone, never ideal.. I've never felt totally comfortable singing the song because I feel it's in an awkward part of my range - some parts are uncomfortably low, and some parts are right on the edge of my upper range - in particular, the high note before that middle section (at about 2:15). But then I also feel like I struggle with the choruses - they feel too low when I'm singing them
  2. I've been meaning to post this to get some feedback on where I can improve my live technique. This was taken one of my bands live gigs last summer. If you have a moment, please take a listen and let me know your thoughts. Thanks guys 'n' gals
  3. Good luck with it man, I really hope you see some great results - I'm sure you will! 
  4.   I would say there is definitely such thing as "too much water"!   For some years now, I have been in the habit of drinking approx 3-4 gal during a 2 hour show - this is on top of hydrating throughout the day prior to the performance time.   Without fail, after each show, I suffer from severe (and I mean severe) headaches, constant sweating through the night in bed, vomiting (but just vomiting what looks like water), diarrhoea, and intense fatigue - this all lasts for the subsequent 12 hours or so after the show.  It ain't pretty.     It's a habit I am currently trying to get out of, but in my head, I now believe that I need that much water to sing well - even though I probably don't.  It's a hugely psychological thing for me I reckon.   On days when I'm not drinking this much water, I have none of the above symptoms.     There have also been numerous well-documented cases of deaths caused by drinking too much water over too short a space of time.   Be careful folks! 
  5. I quit smoking just before Christmas, and although I'll admit I've lapsed a couple of times and had the odd one or 2 smokes since then, I have seen a HUGE improvement in my range.     Songs that for the last few years I've struggled to hit the top notes - I can now manage them every time - coincidence?   I haven't noticed a lung capacity increase, but definitely a massive improvement in range 
  6. Sounds great Quentin!  I agree with Ron, you have definite shades of Dave Grohl lurking in there - and then you get to 1:38 and suddenly your inner Kurt explodes out of there!     I love this recording - very very cool man! :-D     Incidentally, I can hear your voice in my head being perfect on something like Crazy Train (Ozzy)
  7.   Ronws - Thanks very much for your comments (my accent is actually English hehe!).     I've had a listen to your version of this song and I must say your vocal sounds far more controlled and refined than mine, I always feel like I'm on the edge of losing control when singing this one as it's such a strain :-(  I'd like to somehow harness the control you seem to have.   Jonpall - to answer your questions, I'm not 100% sure how to describe how I get my voice like that.  I have a naturally gravelly singing voice anyway (think early Bon Jovi), and I have to really force it to sing cleanly.  For the ACDC stuff I kinda reduce the space at the back of my mouth by having my tongue relatively high, and I push the vocal from my throat.  It's the sort of thing I could probably demonstrate in person but putting into in words is really difficult!   I'm actually singing that in full voice/full volume.  I find it's easier to sing if I reduce the power, but it doesn't sound of feel the same so I go full tilt.
  8. Thanks Quentin! Appreciate your feedback! I'm not familiar with much AC/DC so I'll have a listen to the tracks you've mentioned and see if they're any easier!
  9. This was recorded at my one of my band's gigs a couple of weeks ago.   As you can see, I struggle with the choruses (I can't maintain the vocal style for those parts ), it's not really the style that I feel most comfortable singing, but I think I did ok in places.  (apart from the very very end where I'm really flat on the scream and a few other places)   Any feedback/advice/pointers on any parts would be really appreciated, as I struggle in general with this song (it takes a ton of water to get through it!)   PS - I'm not the greatest frontman in the world, so please excuse the lack of interaction haha!!
  10. Man this is awesome! This has always been my favourite version of the song and to hear someone covering it so well puts a huge smile on my face!  
  11. Thanks Robert appreciate the response!   It's more help with actually creating a specific sound that I'm after - I know what sound/effects I want in my head, but after many hours of messing about with the VL2, I'll be damned if I can produce patches that meet my needs haha!     Maybe it's just me being a bit dumb when it comes to these sort of things (highly possible!)
  12. Just curious to know if anyone else is using the VL2 for gigging (or recording)?     I've been using it live in my band for about 6 months and love it, however I've found the learning curve is a bit steep (coming from someone with no knowledge of how effects like harmonies or delays need to be programmed).   Wondering if anyone would be interested in sharing patches at all?
  13. Thanks for all the comments and feedback guys.  Although I must confess to being a bit annoyed that the guy who mixed the song corrected that line and didn't feel it necessary to tell me until I asked the other day.  He swears blind that was the only line he 'tweaked', but I guess I'll never really know.  From now on I'll be sitting in on any mixing we do!!   I'll try and record something a bit more 'honest' ASAP - something that I know for definite hasn't been messed with
  14. I stand corrected (literally!) - I've had a chat with the guy who recorded us, and apparently there was auto tune used on the 2nd line of the song (but he swears that was it).     I had no idea - I feel like a bit of a fraud now
  15. Thank you very much for the feedback and kind words Killerku The vocal hasn't been autotuned but I must confess I've never really known how to add vibrato so it's something I tend not to do. When I do try it just sounds so forced, (I do it live when I'm in caught up in the moment, but I never commit it to a recording hehe!) I tend to sing straight almost always. On that note, if anyone has any tips on how to add vibrato they can share, that'd be great!