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  1. Hi TMW Here is my latest track, looking forward to you comments! Regards Kaige Evans
  2. Hey guys, just a cover tribute of a classic song.     Let me know what you think.   Thanks
  3.   Thank you for the Sound Advise ronws   Not a bad idea about the Harley Davidson page I honestly just think my music needs better production, and production doesn't come cheap. Currently I am constantly working on new material to just try and make one better song after another, and hopefully, with all the marketing that I do try to put into it, it gets heard by the right people.   Our local music licensing representative is SAMRO, but not sure whether I make any difference to qualify for registration. It's not like my music is constantly being played on radio or parties to generate any real royalties.   But anyways, thank you for all the advise so far. Honestly appreciate it very much.
  4.   Thank you for your positive feedback thisoldroad. Much appreciated.     hahah, if only, will have to sell some songs to afford the tux  , but the songs are released and they not selling that much yet  ... marketing marketing marketing
  5.   Wow, thank you for such an honest response, I will research some marketing techniques like you suggested and try to get the word out , thank you  KillerKu       Thank you bono1982
  6. Good Day TMV Community.   I am completely new to the forums and I am hoping to share, hear and hopefully contribute to the community.   Would love to get some constructive criticism on my vocals.   Sample here:     Thank you for your valuable time.