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  1. Hey Bono, thanks for the kind words Could you expand a bit on which areas in particular aren't sung perfectly in time?
  2. Hello Enander, haha thank you, us Pakistanis are actually very fluent in English and astonishingly speak English more than our own language You said that I am pitchy through out the verses as well as the beginning of the chorus, stating that it actually works in my favour in the verses. Is this really so? Because to my own ears, I sound in key and on pitch through out. Could you tell me the exact points in the song where I seem to be pitchy so I can grasp better what you are saying? Thank you heaps for also stating issues with the volume and reverb, listened for them again and fixed them up.
  3. God that was beautiful. An absolutely great cover of one of my absolutely favorite songs. It sounds even more emotional on the piano and with your stretching of the resolving notes at the end of each phrase. Could listen to this over and over again.
  4. Hello once again, beloved TMV forum. I'm tackling a different style and tune this time, hoping to do it some justice, as I solely sing rock. Would love some feedback and constructive criticism, as always. Hozier - Take me to Church https://www.reverbnation.com/grungemaniac1/songs
  5. Love the grit and love the changes in tone.
  6. Hey You seem to be a pitchy in the intro and aren't singing the track the way Kurt sang it, but you more or less in key. In the verses, you are singing it an octave lower, I believe. You sound like you have a strong voice though if you're able to refine/polish it. Your lower notes have a nice vibe and sound full. I believe this performance could have been way better, but keep working on it!
  7. Hey guys, started another take on yet another song. comments/critiques/pointers will be appreciated Thanks. You Know You're Right. http://www.reverbnation.com/grungemaniac1/songs
  8. Your voice has a great soulful/relaxing vibe to it. Sounds soothing.
  9. Hello again TVM forum, I hope you are all doing well Once again found some time to begin another cover to finish, would like a general critique and any advice that could help. Thank you http://www.reverbnation.com/grungemaniac1/song Pearl Jam - Jeremy
  10. No, but I know about the whole program and how awesome it is. I find that it offers too much detail on every aspect of singing, which isn't a bad thing, it's incredible, but I prefer not to know much about the technicalities and dive right into a singing technique as it is.
  11. Yup, undeniably great example.     Haha yes he is a good example, and actually one of my influences as far as vocals are concerned.    Agreed, all I was saying was my voice sounds more engaging on the ''mid-high'' ranges.
  12. Don't want to poke my nose into your question, but he's kinda done it in his own style and is not copying layne, he's modified the vowels to maintain some of that twang on the high notes, its not necessary, I would call it preference.
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