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  1. Hi peeps, im not sure at all Is lead singer singing a twang in head voice at the chorus? Or is he just belting up his chest voice?😬😬 I'm unsure, could anyone help me out? Lawson.. When she was mine http://youtu.be/GmQRAXJoHg0 Lawson.. You'll never know http://youtu.be/_X3RZBywkmA
  2.     This is me trying to do a major scale of D3-D4 which is the highest i can go now without flipping into falsetto.      Even so, i hardly sing up to a D4 in any song as it is already so hard to.   Am I just pushing and belting it or am I on the right track?? What should i do?
  3. A lot of people on this forum seem to be giving examples of a lot of hard rock singers that can sing well, like iron maiden or judas priest. But what about pop songs? I'm 18, and i love Pop, Pop rock, and electronic music!   But i can never really sing them, seeing how 99.9% of all pop/pop rock/ electronic singers are tenors or tenor 2. The only way for me to sing the songs are for me to transpose it down, when i do, people tell me its nice low and sexy which I pretty much love..   And Iv'e come to accept the fact that i can never ever sing high so i can forget about singing po after my a Capella coach indoctrinated that a bassist range is limited to at max a E4, so dont bother trying AT ALL, and just stick to your Low Notes   But then one day i stumbled upon this.. <iframe width="560" height="315" src="https://www.youtube.com/embed/domWW8yxiQg" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>   Apparently Tim Foust, a bassist  could go up to a Bb4!?@#!!@#!#%!$ Is this true??   Can anyone tell me based on listening to the way he sings what is he doing?!?! It's almsot impossible for me to go past a D4. How does he achieve it, can I achieve it to? or am i really doomed to never sing my favourite songs?